Beccafico sardine skewers with mandarin – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Beccafico sardine skewers with mandarin

These Beccafico sardine skewers they are my creative reinterpretation of a classic of Palermo cuisine. The recipe for a tasty second course of fish, which blends tradition with a pinch of originality.

These mandarin beccafico sardine skewers are an original and tasty way of bringing a piece of Sicilian tradition to the table, but with a touch of freshness and novelty. Perfect for a dinner with friends or a special occasion, to be paired with a good glass of Sicilian white wine*.

Beccafico sardines are a Sicilian dish with deep roots, linked to the gastronomic tradition of the island. The name “beccafico” derives from a little bird greedy for figs, whose meat was appreciated by the Sicilian nobility of the 19th century. The popular version replaced the bird with sardines, abundant and cheap, enriching them with local ingredients such as raisins and pine nuts.

In my interpretation of the beccafico sardines recipe, the juice and slices of mandarin replace the orange, giving a fresh and delicate note.

Instead of the classic pan, I thought of transforming this dish into single-portioned skewers, fun and easy to serve at the table.

If you like sardines and want to dare even more, then I recommend you take a look at my Beccafico sardine meatballs with fennel. You will love them!

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