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To enter, just leave a comment on this post! 

I am THRILLED to be partnering with Burger Smokehouse for a weeklong giveaway of the absolute best quality bacon, meat, and pies I have ever tasted. To see all of the winner’s of last week’s giveaways, please click here.

My mother and I have never had Country ham so succulent and juicy before, with the salt content sheer perfection. The pies really floored me, I have no idea how they make the fruit taste as fresh and flavorful as it does in those! And over Thanksgiving, when all the good little Alabamians sat down to watch a certain football game, I was upstairs in a big old cabin in the smokey mountains heating up Burger’s Smokehouse ribs for the whole family – I definitely scored a touchdown with their fall off the bone tender meat!

I’ve had an opportunity to try each of the products listed below and  loved them so much that I asked Burgers’ to be part of my Big Christmas Giveaway. They were so impressed with the Southern Plate Family though, that they asked if they could have their own week!

WELL YEAH! So here ya go folks! For the next FIVE days, beginning tomorrow, I’m giving away MEAT – FIVE winners each day! You can enter once daily for better chances, beginning with today! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post for your entry.

I also encourage you to check out their website, for Christmas gifts. These are especially handy for out of town family and friends because the prices include shipping.


Below are the prizes for each day this week!

**Day 1 Giveaway – 5 Winners**

A popular corporate gift, this gift box contains a vast selection of hickory smoked meats. Sure to please!

Each Gift Box Contains:

*  1 lb. of hickory smoked Country Bacon
*  16 oz. package of naturally Attic Aged Ham
*  12 oz. stick of Ozark Sausage
*  12 oz. stick of all Beef Sausage
*  3 to 4.5 lb. Bone-in Turkey Breast

**Day 2 Giveaway – 5 Winners**

Description:  Our most popular honey ham is hickory smoked and spiral sliced. We make it easy by delivering a cooked ham that is ready to eat. Honey Ham Glaze and easy to follow instructions are included with each order. Our Spiral Sliced City Ham is moist and tender with a delicate accent of real hickory smoke. Our spiral slicing makes serving easy and convenient.  Be creative; add some of your favorite garnishes like pineapples and cloves to create a main course unique to your kitchen.

Each Prize Contains:  One  7 to 8.5 lbs. City Ham

 **Day 3 Giveaway – 5 Winners**

 Description: Burgers’ most popular Country Ham (aged 4 to 6 months).  Each cured ham has been hickory smoked, cooked and spiral sliced.  They even include honey ham glaze for you to apply yourself.  This Southern Smokehouse ham will make entertaining a cinch.  You just cut around the bone with a knife and the slices fall away.  It is wonderful to keep in the refrigerator for nibbling between meals, for making noon-day sandwiches, or for an easy meal.  It is best when served at room temperature or gently heated. This is the best Country Ham I’ve ever tasted!

Contains:  One 6 to 7 lb. Country Ham  

**Day 4 Giveaway – 5 Winners

Description:  The aroma of fresh baked pie welcomes everyone to your home.  What a joy to see crust turning golden brown with juices bubbling around the edges.  Only the freshest fruit is used in Burgers’ pies.  The pies are quick frozen to preserve their goodness.  Just pop the frozen pie into your oven and bake for a truly “fresh” baked pie without all the work.

Each Prize Contains:  One Cherry Pie and One Peach Praline Pie (I think the Peach Praline Pie is probably the best pie I’ve ever tasted, second only to Burgers’ Pineapple Upside Down Pie)

**Day 5 Giveaway – 5 Winners**

Description:  You just can’t get enough bacon.  For some it’s a passion, maybe even an obsession! Burgers’ has the nation’s highest quality, hand crafted artisanal bacons.  Each one is carefully crafted using simple ingredients, decades old processes, and the watchful caring eye of our Smokemaster.  Each is unique and each will make you feel like a Bacon Connoisseur.

Each Sampler includes:

*  One 1 lb. pkg. Original Country Bacon
*  One 1 lb. pkg. Maple Country Bacon
*  One 1 lb. pkg. Cajun Style Country Bacon
*  One 1 lb. pkg. Applewood Smoked Country Bacon
*  One 1 lb. pkg. Pepper Coated Country Bacon
*  One 8 oz. pkg. Country Ham Bacon 


To enter, leave a comment below.

One comment per day, per person allowed

so come back each day for better chances!

Winners will chosen using Winners will be notified by email and have three days to respond or alternate winner will be chosen.

Fine Print: I was not compensated for this post and all of my opinions herein are my own. Burgers’ is providing products, copy describing products, and photos. Not responsible for readers unable to enter due to outdated browser, internet connection, or other technical issues. Also not responsible for emails going into spam or junk folders, so if you enter please check this post daily to see if you are named so that you can look for an email should it not go into your regular folder. Only comments on this actual post count as entries. Please make sure you are using the latest version of your web browser and if you are having problems leaving a comment, I encourage you to consider using a browser other than Internet Explorer, if possible, as that usually solves any problems. Winners will be announced on this post and possibly on Facebook on some days, but always on this post. As I type this, I have caramel apple cider simmering on the stove and the delicious smell is killing my focus….where was I? No idea…have a great day and don’t forget to come back tomorrow and enter again!

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