Cappelletti in capon broth – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Cappelletti in capon broth they are a traditional dish that is prepared for Christmas lunch.

A recipe that owns can not miss on holidays. Prepared with a mixture of mixed meats, cappelletti are a fresh filled pasta that can be recognized for their rounded shape that resembles a hat. At Christmas they are traditionally served in capon meat broth.

The cappelletto unlike tortellino, as the name says it looks like a small hat which welcomes a tasty and savory filling based on minced meat, parmesan and salami. And they are so good that the filling of the cappelletti is a kind of magical medicine that would invigorate anyone!

THE cappelletti and tortellini they originate from Emilia Romagna but have also become typical dishes in other regions of Italy, such as Marche and Umbria.

In Umbria in particular the cappelletti in capon broth are considered the typical dish also for New Year's day.

It is not easy to disentangle the existing variations from area to area, from family to family … and how to close the cappelletti.

The Umbrian recipe in particular includes in addition mixed veal, turkey or chicken and pork loin. We offer you our proven version which we hope you will like.

In families it is traditional to prepare them at home, where they come together as a real work team. Even if they take a long time to prepare, your efforts will be rewarded by the excellent result that will be more than satisfactory!

The last important thing to say is that the filling can be used both in a pan

Let's immediately see the recipe of how to prepare cappelletti and capon broth.

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