Caramel Banana Pie AKA Easy Banoffee Pie by Gordon Ramsay

caramel banana pie

This Caramel Banana Pie is my southern version of a Banoffee Pie. There is just one ingredient different but the decadence and texture are very much the same. 

What’s the difference between Caramel Banana Pie and Banoffee Pie?

Just a little. Banoffee pie came from England. It’s a traditional British dessert that is prepared with bananas, cream and toffee but in our Southern version we are using caramel. 

One of the Easiest Pie Recipes You Will EVER Make

The Caramel Banana Pie (Southern Plate Banoffee Pie) is SUPER easy to make compared to traditional versions but every bit as decadent and rich. What’s even better is that  this recipe takes less than five minutes to put together, rather than the hour+ of prep time most recipes call for

Caramel Banana Pie

Ingredients you’ll need for Caramel Banana Pie our Southern Plate version of Banoffee Pie are:

  • Bananas,
  • A graham crust, Whipped cream
  • And some good old *Dulce De Leche

What is Dulce De Leche?

Dulce De Leche is caramel made from sweetened condensed milk. It gives this recipe a caramelly toffee like taste.

Can I make Dulce De Leche for this Caramel Banana Pie?

Yes. Most people start with sweetened condensed milk and make it into caramel themselves by putting it in a water bath i.e. preheat oven to 425

Place sweetened condensed milk in a oven safe deep dish pie plate or the equivalent.

Cover with tin foil

Place in a larger pan where you add water to create a water bath around the deep dish pie pan of sweetened condensed milk.

Bake in oven for  1-2 hours.  The longer you bake the darker the caramel like dulce de leche will be.


Caramel Banana Pie

Me? My life is complicated enough and I know there is more than one way to crack an egg;) I go to the grocery store and look in the Mexican foods section and buy that stuff already in a can. Nestle has already done the work for me and who am I not to accept their kindness 😃

Besides, I could write sonnets about the quality and richness of this caramel. 

Where can I find the Dulce de Leche?

To find this lovely caramel concoction for the caramel banana pie you may have to look at a grocery store or two to find it but once you know who sells it around you, you’ll always know where to go. Most stores have it with their Mexican foods, right next to the sweetened condensed milk that cost as much as $1 less than the same stuff on the baking aisle. Some stores (like my local Kroger) actually have it right next to the sweetened condensed milk on the baking aisle. Either way, be on the lookout for this because it is well worth the trouble.

Now let’s get this show on the road…

Caramel Banana Pie

  • Open caramel and spread it into a graham crust.

Caramel Banana Pie

Ain’t that purty?

Caramel Banana Pie

  •  Cover and refrigerate for at least an hour, or until it is somewhat firm.

Note: Most Banoffee pie recipes call for topping your pie with sliced bananas and whipped cream at this point but unless you have enough people to eat that pie in one sitting, I suggest cutting the bananas and topping each individual slice just before serving to keep the pie fresh longer.

Caramel Banana Pie

When ready to serve, slice bananas. This is a great job for little helpers.

caramel banana pie

 Step away from life for a moment and take a bite of decadence.

Caramel Banana Pie or Southern Plate’s version of Banoffee Pie. Call it what you want, I call it delicious!


  • 2-12 ounce cans Dulce De Leche*
  • 1 regular size graham cracker crust
  • fresh bananas 2-4
  • Whipped Topping


  • Open cans and spread caramel into bottom of graham crust. Cover and refrigerate at least an hour.

  • Cut into slices and top each slice with sliced bananas and whipped cream just before serving. Store leftovers in refrigerator.

*This is commonly found in the Mexican section at grocery stores but sometimes on the baking aisle next to the sweetened condensed milk. You may have to look at a store or two until you find out who carries it in your area.

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