Chocolate and almond cake – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Chocolate and almond cake

There chocolate and almond cake it is a delicious and rich breakfast dessert good dark chocolate. A very easy and quick cake to prepare, with only two eggs and with simple ingredients that everyone has at home.

This dessert is very reminiscent of those genuine donuts that our grandmothers prepared, when with a few simple ingredients they put fragrant and richly flavored cakes on the table.

To prepare the chocolate and almond cake no special equipment is needed, you can very well use the classic hand whisk. Otherwise use a classic electric mixer and in 5 minutes it is ready.

In the recipe we use the 70% dark chocolate but you can also customize the dessert with the milk one. Even if then the final result could be perhaps too sweet. The ideal would be to use the dark one.

Let's see the recipe immediately.

Chocolate cake ingredients

Which chocolate to choose?

Black, bitter and dark, are all synonyms to indicate a chocolate that contains a quantity of cocoa equal to at least 45%, for extra dark or “dark” chocolate instead the percentage rises to 70%, up to 100%.
Obviously, it must be quality chocolate, without artificial ingredients, with a high percentage of cocoa and therefore less cocoa butter and sugar.
But the choice also depends on the taste, if 100% is suitable for people with intolerances or vegans, and is certainly full of benefits, on the palate it could be very bitter.
We therefore recommend starting from 70% chocolate and then move on to 85%, even more nutritious.

Slice of chocolate and almond cake

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