Cooking Recipe Rotolo di Faraona – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Cooking Recipe Preparation Rotolo di Faraona

Ingredients for 6 people

A 1.5 kg guinea fowl, 150 g of fresh cream, 80 g of cooked ham, shallot, sage,

2 macaroons, spicy paprika, meat extract, an egg, butter, dry white wine, Marsala, meat broth, extra virgin olive oil, a ver-za, white grapes, salt and pepper.

Cooking Recipe Preparation Rotolo di Faraona

Cooking Recipe Preparation Rotolo di Faraona

1 Remove the two half breasts and thighs from the guinea fowl, peel and peel the latter, peel and blend with cream, salt, paprika and an egg, then add the diced ham. Remove the fillets from the breasts and beat them. Spread

one of the largest with the mixture, cover with the same one and close the sides with the fillets.

2Wrap everything in a damp sheet of parchment paper and tie with string. Roast in the oven at 190 ° for about 45 minutes, greasing with a thin layer of oil.

3 Peel and chop a shallot, fry it in a knob of butter with a sprig of sage and the crumbled macaroons, blend with Marsala; add 150 ml of white wine, broth, a pinch of meat extract, salt and pepper and reduce. Serve the roll with the sauce and the sliced ​​ver-za dipped in butter and garnished with grapes.

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