Day 3 #Biscuits from Soaking #Family | VivoGlutenFree – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Day 3 #Biscuits from Soaking #Family

Dear #Family, What will you find on this day 3?

A beautiful Breakfast to do in minutes to keep for a lot of days to offer to the whole family! The mythical ones soaking biscuits in quantity, the recipe is already on the blog and on the YouTube channel, I'll show you how to make them suitable for all needs!

Check out the original recipe for dipping cookies!

You will find a version at the vanilla without packaged yeast, but with bicarbonate (6 g) is Cream of tartar with a gluten-free mix is without corn, made with a food processor, while dinner is on the fire!

I did not weigh the doses of bicarbonate and cream of tartar, not being a soft dessert, a spoonful of baking soda and two of cream of tartar

Quick and "carefree" variant to not think about breakfast for a lot of days!

I listen to you in the comments dear #family, I would like to know if you like this solution!



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