Fast Gluten Free Bread, Without Yeast – Crunchy Bread Chips – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Fast Gluten Free Bread, Without Yeast - Crunchy Bread Chips

Dear Family, today with solo water, flour, oil and a pan we make yeast-free and gluten-free bread chips delicious to serve as a snack, aperitif, but also accompanied with vegetables and soups. The bread chips are very crunchy and delicious in the sweet version with hazelnut cream and ricotta flavored with lemon peel and cinnamon.

Besides the recipe, which is good to follow to the letter, what is important is the cooking! I warm it up for good no stick pan (I used two to do before); when they are hot I transfer the pastry and leave the heat to medium.

In a couple of minutes, the chips become stiff, form small bubbles and brown, at which point I turn them and let the other side cook for a couple of minutes or until they are well stiff, crunchy is golden.

I also place them on a plate one above the other in the air to cool and remain crunchy.

For these nice chips I used a bread mix and a part of rustic mix based on flax and buckwheat flour, as well as corn starch.

For the proportions I followed my taste, you can easily vary as the recipe does not provide for leavening, but only the ability to knead and roll out a soft and hydrated dough very thinly.

If you are comfortable, then you shouldn't have any problems too changing the aspect ratio between the two mixes, using others or only one of the two. Of course, if you change the mix or even the proportion between the two, you must necessarily dose the water according to what the dough requires.

The crunchiness of these chips is guaranteed for a lot of days, without any special precautions for conservation, just cover them with a tea towel, but only when they are very cold.

Hand kneading is very fast, but if you prefer you can use a planetary mixer with a hook, but if you change mixes, often check the consistency of the dough which must be soft, but you must first make very thin sheets.

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