Friday Gazette: Low Carb Recipes, Quotes To Inspire, Somethin’ Sweet, Family Photos, Giveaway, and More! by Gordon Ramsay

Friday Gazette: Low Carb Recipes, Quotes To Inspire, Somethin


Friday Gazette: Low Carb Recipes, Quotes To Inspire, Somethin' Sweet, Family Photos, Giveaway, and More!

Good Afternoon, friends! 

I hope you’ve had a productive week. Each Friday Ricky and I find ourselves sliding into the weekend, ready for some rest and relaxation as we unplug and spend time with one another. With the heat of summer slowly heading out, we plan on finishing up some household projects, catching up on our reading, and savoring life. I’m about to head into the kitchen and make some Homestead Banana Bread for our fellowship this weekend, per request from my dear friend, Donna. After that I’ll pick up the house a bit and work on the upcoming Bible study that launches October 2. 

As I type this, I’m thinking of you reading it. Hoping you are well, wishing you peace and joy in your heart, and praying you can find time to focus on the blessings this weekend.

Christy, Phil 1:12

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Encouraging One Another!

Is it raining or are those tears in my eyes? Yup, it’s tears. Wow. This story filled my heart. 

This week on Southern Plate

This week’s recipe features on Southern Plate are:

Homestead Banana Bread: I can never have too many Banana Bread recipes and I love them all, but with a full block of cream cheese whipped into the batter, seasonal spices, and a cinnamon and toasted pecan topping, Homestead Banana Bread has a very special place in my heart and on my plate! I’m more of this today for our fellowship this weekend.
Creamy Low Carb Vegetable Soup: Eating low carb bit craving more flavor and variety? This thick creamy vegetable soup scratches all the itches! Check out the unique and highly effective thickener I use to keep it low carb! 

Eating Low Carb? Check out all of my low carb recipes here. More coming! 

Learning To Dig Deeper

This week I shared a post to teach you how to dig deeper in your Bible study using a free online tool. 

This Week’s Coffee Chat

Today’s topic is Kindness.

Recipes from Friends

This week I’m sharing two delicious recipe from friends! 

Dark Chocolate Walnut Blondies from Barefoot In The Kitchen and Easy Baked Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts from Chef Alli

If you visit them, tell ’em SouthernPlate sent ya!


This week, in preparation for beginning our new reading cycle, I debuted our new logo for the Front Porch Fellowship! If you’d like to read about the meaning behind it, click here. 

From My Instagram

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Last Week’s $25 Amazon Gift Card winner was BARBARA HALL!

Winners of Amazon Gift Cards so far: Vickie Riddle, Angie McCrary, Jo Mooneyhan, Kim Graves, Wanda T, and Barbara Hall. I pick a new winner each week and send them an Amazon gift card. Sometimes I decide to pick more than one and sometimes I decide to send more than $25. 😀 

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post. 

THANK YOU for being here. Be blessed and be a blessing! 


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