Gluten Free Instant Pan-Fried Pizza – The Fastest Pizza on the Web – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Gluten Free Instant Pan-Fried Pizza - The Fastest Pizza on the Web

# Family💚 hello, today pizza without leavening in a pan, gluten-free! It is a dough without brewer's yeast, to be spread directly in the pan and cooked on the stove in a few minutes, with a golden and crunchy rim, without oven. I chose a summer filling with red and yellow datterini tomatoes, mozzarella and rocket.

My pan is quite "flared" in the sense that it has a bottom of 20 cm, instead if you measure the edges they reach 26! What I recommend, more than the diameter of the pan, is the diameter of the pizza which must be about 22/24 cm. Also keep in mind that I make a small ledge that rises over the edge of the pan, but if you prefer it without, you can also make it smaller.

In the video I will show you a hand-made process, easy and fast, but you can follow the same method and knead with a planetary mixer with a leaf or hook hook.

As you can see from the video, it is a soft dough, but not too sticky, simply because too much hydration could cause problems when cooking in a pan. The perfect dough is the one that allows you to form a crunchy surface, with the inside perfectly cooked.

If you change mix, be careful, because the amount of water needed may change, keep an eye on the dough, add it a little at a time and reach the consistency you see on the video.

Normally I use any mozzarella for my pizza, being careful to let it drain well before putting it on the pizza. For this cooking, I recommend the mozzarella for pizza, without water, definitely drier that does not release liquids during cooking.

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