Kid-Friendly Chocolate Cut-Out Cookies — The Skinny Fork by Gordon Ramsay

Kid-Friendly Chocolate Cut-Out Cookies — The Skinny Fork

Without further adieu, below is what my 9 year old mini-me wrote up about her cookies!

I should note too, that she also took the pictures of mixing up the batter.

Hi, this is the Skinny Fork’s daughter, Lily! So, this is basically how my mother and I made Chocolate Cookie Cut-Outs. To make them a tad bit healthier, we used natural sugar, whole wheat white flour instead of regular flour, and we also used dark cocoa powder instead of plain. Those are pretty much all the ingredients we replaced. So, this is pretty much an easy recipe for kids. And another thing we did to make these cookies was chill them for a long time, and if you don’t chill them they would get spread out and not look as good. Next time you and your kids are bored together, try this recipe! Anyways, the Little Fork is out!

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