Microwave Roasted Peppers, No Grill, Easy to Peel! – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Microwave Roasted Peppers, No Grill, Easy to Peel!

Dear Family, you know how much I love peppers in all forms! Today I share with you a quick and easy way to roast them in the microwave! I'll show you how easy it is to peel them without waste, without smells and without dirtying a grill.

Personally I prefer this system to the microwave for many reasons, of time, of smells, of simplicity, but also more trivially, because sometimes I don't have space on the stove!

Choose large peppers is pulpy, once roasted and removed the skin, you can use them in a thousand ways: we have put them in a beautiful piadina, as you see in the video!

By eliminating the skin, the filaments white inside and i seeds, I'm more digestible.

Once peeled and completely cold, then safely freeze. I recommend you do it in airtight containers so as not to spread the smell in the freezer.

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