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It was born in 1919 at the Casino bar in Florence created by Count Camillo Negroni, inveterate drinker and lover of the good life, is his trusty barman Fosco.
The count did not like the soda water added to dilute the American, the most popular drink in those years, but the addition of gin.
The story tells of the birth of this cocktail, in fact it is said that one day the count approached the barman, whispered something in his ear and immediately got to work. At the end of this mysterious and under-the-counter mixing he said: “here is your American sig conte”. The scene was repeated over and over again, until some enterprising customers asked the barman about his mysterious doings, what on earth had the count asked for.
The barman confessed that the count had told him "Put a good portion of gin". In the weeks that followed, the drink became very popular.
Hence the evolution of the cocktail in which in its first phase it also had a splash of soda completely eliminated by the subsequent modifications.
Making today the Negroni one of the most drunk drinks in the world.


30 ml Red Vermouth

30 ml Bitter

30 ml Gin


To pray a Negroni, take an old fashioned glass, fill it with ice by pouring the ingredients inside:




Stir add a slice of orange.

Cheers 🥃

In preparing the Negroni you can proceed in different ways including omitting the ice at the beginning of the preparation of the drink and then adding it at the end.


I recommend to your negroni a nice squeezed lemon peel (twist) because its essential oils read with all the ingredients making it even more enjoyable.

Drink responsibly, CHEERS 🥃

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