November pasta, with radicchio and speck: the creamiest and most delicious winter gricia – Gordon Ramsay’s version

radicchio and speck

There radicchio and speck pasta, is a first course suitable for lovers of particular flavours. In fact, the radicchio gives the dressing a bitterish flavour, which goes very well with the speck, all wrapped from cooking cream, which gives a unique creaminess to the dish. There are many variations for cooking this particular first course, both in terms of preparation and ingredients. You can use the type and shape of pasta you prefer, I used a rather particular pasta shape, typical of Emilia Romagna, Gramigna, it has the shape of a small, slightly twisted bucatino, which recalls the seed of the plant .

Radicchio and speck pasta


  • 180 g of pasta
  • 350 g of long radicchio
  • 150g of speck
  • 150 g of cooking cream
  • laurel
  • salt
  • Pepper
  • garlic
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Grated Parmigiano Reggiano


To prepare pasta with radicchio and speck, clean and wash the radicchio, then cut it into small pieces. In a large pan, put a couple of turns of extra virgin olive oil, add the diced speck, and cook until it is crispy, transfer it into a small bowl. In the same pan, brown the garlic clove and remove it, then add the radicchio, let it soften, it will take about five minutesseason with salt and flavor with bay leaves.

Add the cream, and if necessary a couple of spoons of pasta cooking water. Cook the pasta al dente, and pour it directly into the pan, also add the speck, and mix everything together. Serve, completing with a twist of freshly ground pepper and parmesan. Read also: Bruno Barbieri’s baked carbonara, super creamy. It’s all done in the oven with a special ingredient. One glass is enough

radicchio and speck



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