Pandoro Quadrifoglio stuffed with pistachio Quick and easy recipe | – Gordon Ramsay’s version

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Pandoro Quadrifoglio stuffed with pistachio: a nice idea to serve pandoro, perfect for the Christmas holidays, especially in view of the new year, a lucky four-leaf clover, consisting of slices of pandoro stuffed with ricotta and pistachios. Few ingredients, no need for cooking and it is ready in 2-3 minutes. A delicious and tasty idea to serve Pandoro.

Ingredients for 8/12 people

  • 1 pandoro
  • 200 gr of ricotta
  • 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar
  • 3 tablespoons of pistachio cream or pistachio topping
  • 100 gr of chopped pistachios (unsalted)


  1. prepare the ricotta and pistachio cream: put 200 g of ricotta in a container, add 1 tablespoon of icing sugar and 3 tablespoons of pistachio cream (even 4 tablespoons for a stronger flavor), mix the cream
  2. we cut the pandoro crosswise into slices of about 3 cm in height obtaining 4 slices
  3. spread the cream on the individual slices (as in the video above) paying attention to splamare also on the 8 points.
  4. we cut each slice in a cross to obtain 4 hearts which will be the 4 leaves of the four-leaf clover.
  5. cover with chopped pistachios and cut strips from the remaining pandoro that will represent the stem of the four-leaf clover.
  6. We also spread the pistachio cream stems and cover with the grains.
  7. we serve in a serving dish thus composing the four-leaf clover with the stem as in the photo (and as in the video).
  8. Enjoy your meal and good luck in the new year!

Pandoro Quadrifoglio stuffed with pistachio

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Enjoy your meal and Happy New Year!


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