Polenta pan with corn flour – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Polenta pan with corn flour

The Pan polenta with corn flour or Amor polenta it is a very particular, albeit simple, typical dessert, prepared not only with wheat flour, but also with corn flour. It is soft and compact, with a typically bitter taste given by the amaretto liqueur.

This dessert is part of the Lombard culinary tradition, but it is also famous in Umbria, where the well-known pastry chef Pazzaglia, in times of war and hardship, found himself inventing a cake with corn flour. The only one that was found in abundance.

The Polenta pan with corn flour it is a simple and very greedy dessert, perfect to be enjoyed for a snack or breakfast but also as a dessert for after dinner. Rich and fragrant, it has the characteristic of having a shape with particular grooves.

If you don't have this typical mold, you can still cook it in a classic loaf pan. Or buy it conveniently on Amazon.

Let's see immediately how to prepare this delicious dessert.

Polenta pan with corn flour

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