Quick and easy Christmas lunch menu – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Christmas canapes with prawns and courgettes

How to prepare a tasty Quick and easy Christmas lunch menu, anticipating some preparation, with simple recipes to prepare at home.

The Christmas lunch menu first it should include both the traditional Italian recipes and a presentation of the dishes a little more accurate than usual. All in an easy way and within everyone's reach. Even those who are not really skilled chefs in the kitchen.

Establish a quick and easy Christmas menu perhaps it is a bit risky because as we know there are many things to prepare. But you can simplify the effort by choosing easy recipes, without too many steps and playing a lot on the presentation of the dishes. That will already embellish the table.

We propose one series of very simple but successful recipes that everyone always likes, and that you can anticipate even from the day before.

Which certainly does not mean eating badly, on the contrary it does focus on the quality of raw materials And treat yourself to something good on Christmas day that we would not allow ourselves during the year. For example a good wine or a good salmon or of fine meat or a particular cheese. Without necessarily spending a fortune.

After all, Christmas is a simple celebration of tradition and of the family coming together.

So what to prepare for the quick and easy Christmas lunch menu?

The Christmas lunch menu should first of all include:

  • a simple aperitif based on prosecco or white wine to combine with appetizers made by you.
  • Then continue with a starter delicious
  • a first course in broth, usually tortellini or cappelletti
  • a second course of meat which can be directly the boiled meat of the broth and a side dish.
  • Finally, gluttons cannot be missing traditional Christmas sweets.

Compared to the dinner on Christmas Eve where instead you eat only fish, on Christmas day meat is preferred.

Let's start immediately with the STARTERS and aperitifs

Canapes with prawns and zucchini cream

Christmas canapes with prawns and courgettes

Sandwich cake

Sandwich cake

Salmon canapes tree

Salmon canapes tree

Christmas sandwiches with salmon and robiola

Christmas sandwiches with salmon and robiola

Christmas mini pizzas in the shape of a tree

Christmas tree pizzas

Smoked salmon with citrus

smoked salmon with citrus

Homemade Russian salad

Homemade Russian salad

Grilled courgette rolls with speck and robiola

grilled courgette rolls stuffed with speck and robiola cheese

Nordic croutons with butter and smoked herring

butter and herring croutons

Dried tomato paté

dried tomato pate

Black olives with orange

black olives with orange

Celery, black olives and corn salad

salad of celery, corn, olives

Five-flavor cheese balls

cheese balls with 5 flavors

Crispy parmesan waffles

parmesan waffles

Quick sauce for croutons with eggs and tuna

Quick sauce for croutons with eggs and tuna

Savory parmesan biscuits

savory biscuits "class =" wp-image-3707

Salmon and fennel appetizer

salmon and fennel appetizer

Quick tuna sauce and spreadable cheese

tuna and cream cheese sauce

Easy and cheap salty Christmas log

salty Christmas log

FIRST COURSES for Christmas Lunch

Cappelletti in capon broth

cappelletti in broth "class =" wp-image-31476 "srcset =" https://i1.wp.com/www.ricettealvolo.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/cappelletti-in-brodo-3. jpg? w = 1000 & ssl = 1 1000w, https://i1.wp.com/www.ricettealvolo.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/cappelletti-in-brodo-3.jpg?resize=300%2C233&ssl = 1 300w, https://i1.wp.com/www.ricettealvolo.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/cappelletti-in-brodo-3.jpg?resize=768%2C595&ssl=1 768w, https : //i1.wp.com/www.ricettealvolo.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/cappelletti-in-brodo-3.jpg? resize = 750% 2C581 & ssl = 1 750w, https: // i1. wp.com/www.ricettealvolo.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/cappelletti-in-brodo-3.jpg?resize=90%2C70&ssl=1 90w "sizes =" (max-width: 750px) 100vw , 750px

Tagliolini with smoked salmon and cream

Tagliolini with smoked salmon and cream

White lasagna with mushrooms and sausage

White lasagna "class =" wp-image-3898

Meat broth recipe

beef broth

Gnocchetti with cream and smoked salmon

gnocchi with cream and salmon

Crepes with ricotta and spinach in sauce

Crepes with ricotta and spinach in sauce


Umbrian stewed cod

Umbrian stewed cod

Roast pork with plums and apples

roast pork with plums

Stuffed veal roulade in casserole

stuffed veal rollè


Christmas salad of fruit and fennel

fennel salad, apple, oranges

Radicchio, fennel and orange salad

radicchio, fennel and orange salad

THEnsalad with oranges and pomegranate

DESSERTS for Christmas Lunch

Soft chocolate nougat

soft chocolate nougat

Gingerbread cookies

gingerbread cookies

Homemade Ricciarelli

homemade ricciarelli biscuits

Star biscuits with candied cherries

star biscuits with candied cherries

Saplings of orange and cinnamon biscuits

Christmas tree biscuits

Pandoro stuffed with mascarpone cream

Mascarpone cream

And to digest the Christmas lunch we offer you this tasty and fragrant Christmas tea!

Spice Christmas tea

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