Spanakopita rolled with chard and feta – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Spanakopita arrotolata con bietole e feta

A rolled spanakopitawith a crunchy phyllo pastry shell and a tasty filling of feta cheese and chard sautéed with spices and aromatic herbs.

A pan-baked and rolled variant of the Greek spanakopita, the famous savory pie often also cooked in a rectangular shape or in small single-portioned triangles.

Spanakopita takes its name from the Greek words “spanaki” (spinach) and “pita” (pie). With a base of phyllo dough and a filling of spinach, aromatic herbs and cheese, Spanakopita represents a timeless example of Greek cuisine and Mediterranean, which has spanned the centuries.

As with Turkish borek, spanakopita can also have different fillings. This time, while maintaining the traditional cheese feta*, with its strong and pungent character, I wanted to replace the classic spinach with chard.

If, however, you are interested in the single-portion version of this recipe, to transform this single vegetarian dish into a tasty appetizer, take a look at my phyllo dough triangles with ricotta and spinach.

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