Spiced glazed pork ribs – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Costine di maiale glassate speziate

These glazed pork ribs they are tasty and simple to prepare, with a long cooking in the oven which will make them soft and juicy.

The secret to these tempting pork ribs lies in the marinade. In fact, the sauce will give flavor to the meat while it rests in the refrigerator and will transform into a delicious spicy glaze during cooking.

To make it I used the Bauer Brown Sauceperfect for gravies and stewed preparations, lactose-free, glutamate-free, gluten-free and hydrogenated fat-free.

I kept the sauce liquid enough to give the meat flavor during the marinade. I then “pulled” it later, during the long cooking in the oven, reapplying it from time to time.

Final touch? A very quick final grilling (but a handful of minutes on the barbecue grill would also be perfect) to form a delicious crunchy crust, made very shiny by the last brush of glaze.

The spices for my glazed pork ribs

With Brown Sauce Bauer I added a mix of Tex-Mex inspired spices, with oregano, paprika, cumin and coriander powder. But you can use your favorite blend to customize the marinade to your tastes, to create glazed pork ribs that are perfect for your tastes.

I’ll leave you some purchasing advice:

And if you’re still craving ribs, but want something really special, check out mine Baked wild boar ribs!

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