The shortcrust pastry of Santa Lucia – Gordon Ramsay’s version

The shortcrust pastry of Santa Lucia

The shortcrust pastry of Santa Lucia they are delicious butter biscuits that are prepared on the occasion of the feast of Saint Lucia, for December 13, especially in northern Italy.

The cult of the saint in fact it is celebrated in many parts of Italy, mostly in Syracuse, the city where he was born and lived.

But it is also very popular in the city of Verona, where on the occasion of this festival every year a great fair is organized, the so-called "Bancheti de Santa Lussia".

Here you can buy typical handicraft products, toys and sweets of all kinds.

Among the typical sweets, you can find the "Mandorlato" (variant of nougat) and the very good "Shortcrust pastry of Santa Lucia“, Made in different Christmas shapes.

These treats are prepared by families for the night of December 12th to be left to the saint who visits the homes of good children bringing gifts and sweets on the back of a donkey.

But they must be careful not to stay up late, to close their eyes well and to sleep, because the Saint does not want to be seen.

Let's immediately see the recipe for these fragrant butter shortbread biscuits.

To prepare the Frolle di Santa Lucia you will need some cookie molds of various sizes and shapes:

A planetary for a perfect dough:

Panini di Santa Lucia (Lussekatter)

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