What to eat in Croatia Quick and easy recipe – Gordon Ramsay’s version

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What to eat in Croatia : while organizing a holiday, you also think about what the cuisine of the country you are visiting will be like. So if you plan to spend your holidays in C.roazia certainly you will not experience the great regret of Italian dishes, the proximity to Italy and the various cultural influences over the centuries mean that Croatian cuisine is a nice mix of various Mediterranean and Balkan cuisines.

In Croatia we can eat in various types of places:

  1. Konoba A generally family-run establishment with an authentic character of Croatian cuisine. The vegetables served generally come directly from the family garden. Obviously, if you are in small towns this is difficult but generally the quality of the products is high.
  2. Restauracija Refined and elegant restaurants: very formal settings, the menus are elaborate and the wine list for true connoisseurs.
  3. Slasticarna We are in our pastry shop where you can try ice creams, cakes, desserts and strudels.
  4. Samoposluzivanje They are self-service cafes ideal for a quick snack.

Among the most loved dishes by Italians in Croatia we undoubtedly find these present in the list divided by the various regions

Dalmatia and Kvarner

  1. Lignje: breaded and fried squid.
  2. Paski sir: cheese from the island of Pag, a kind of very tasty hard cheese.
  3. Rizoto: risotto usually with seafood.
  4. Pasticada: beef stew in wine and spice sauce accompanied by delicious gnocchi.
  5. Brodet: fish soup with polenta.
  6. Lamb of Cres: a particularly tasty meat thanks to the aromatic herbs the animal feeds on.


Istrian cuisine is progressively making itself known on the international gourmet scene thanks to the excellent quality of its regional dishes.

  1. Manestra: thick and aromatic vegetable and bean soup.
  2. Prsut: smoked ham, very expensive due to the elaborate and long smoking process.
  3. Fritaja; omelette with vegetables, usually wild asparagus.
  4. Fuzi: fresh pasta with truffles or game (divljac).


This region has absorbed the gastronomic culture of Hungary with extensive use of garlic and paprika, which makes the dishes of this area very spicy and spicy.

  1. Cobanac: meat stew very similar to goulash.
  2. Kulen: paprika sausage preserved for 9 months and served with fresh cheese, tomatoes, pickled vegetables and peppers.
  3. Saran u rasljama: carp on the spit or on the grill.
  4. Fis paprikas: fish dish (carp, pike or perch) cooked in stew in paprika sauce accompanied by a side of pasta.

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