What to give on Valentine’s Day: menu to say “I love you” – Gordon Ramsay’s version

What to give on Valentine's Day: menu to say "I love you"


Valentine’s Day, the celebration of lovers, is the perfect occasion for demonstrate your love through a simple but significant gesture: a menu homemade, with attention to the smallest details, which reflects the affection and passion we have for our partner. You don’t need to be a starred chef to create a romantic and unforgettable dinner, all you need is a pinch of creativity, a good dose of love and a basic knowledge of gastronomy. Here’s how to create a perfect menu to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day.

The starter: a seductive start

The choice of ingredients

The appetizer is the calling card of every menu, the first taste that anticipates the delights to follow. For a seductive start, opt for aphrodisiac ingredients such as oysters, truffles or avocado. An option could be a salmon carpaccio with avocado and lime, a fresh and light dish that stimulates the appetite without weighing you down.

The presentation

Presentation is fundamental: a well-presented dish has already achieved half the success. Play with colors and shapes, creating a dish that is a pleasure for the eyes as well as the palate.

Here are some perfect ideas for creating perfect appetizers for the occasion:

The first and second: the expression of love

The first course

For the first course, opt for something warm and enveloping. A pumpkin and gorgonzola risotto, for example, is a dish that expresses warmth and love, perfect for an intimate and romantic evening.

Second course

The second course must be the culmination of the menu, the dish that best expresses your love. A beef fillet with green pepper, for example, is a rich and tasty dish that conquers the palate and the heart.

Ideas to make everything special

The sweet: the sweetness of love

The choice of dessert

The dessert is the last dish, the one that closes the menu and leaves a I remember sweet and pleasant. Opt for a dessert that expresses the sweetness of your love, such as a chocolate mousse or a berry panna cotta.

The presentation

Even for dessert, the presentation is key. Decorate the plate with fresh fruit, melted chocolate or icing sugar, creating a work of art that delights the eyes and the palate.

Some dessert to end on a high note

Creating a perfect menu for Valentine’s Day is not just a question of good food, but also of love and passion. Each dish must express your love, from the choice of ingredients to the presentation. Remember, love also passes through the stomach.


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