Whole Wheat Raspberry Oat Bars — The Skinny Fork by Gordon Ramsay

Whole Wheat Raspberry Oat Bars — The Skinny Fork

I lightened these bars up and made them a bit more healthy by swapping in natural sweetener for some of the sugar, a brown sugar blend for the regular brown sugar, and I also used whole wheat white flour. With just these few simple swaps, you end up with a delicious treat that’s far less of a guilty pleasure while still tasting amazing!

You absolutely do want the raspberries to thaw completely and to get as much water out of them as you can. You could probably use FRESH raspberries here, but it would take a LOT of them. Plus, it would likely turn into more of a cobbler than a bar. The chill time is also important here. If you don’t let the bars cool, they’ll be a lot softer and more likely to fall apart.

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