Yogurt Girelle Biscuits with Fig Jam – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Yogurt Girelle Biscuits with Fig Jam

#Family 💚hello, today I propose you some gluten-free fig jam biscuits with a shortcrust pastry without butter and oil, with quick and easy yogurt. With this shortcrust pastry you can prepare spectacular breakfasts or snacks with the fillings you like most: hazelnut cream, pistachio cream, melted chocolate or various jams.

With this dose you get 12 cookies.

This shortcrust pastry with yogurt you knead it in a few minutes thanks to the yogurt that makes it soft and workable.

If you are looking for a light pastry without worries, you have found it!
The dough is very soft, but by following all the advice, you can really do a thousand things with it, including these beautiful rustic swivels.

Add some chopped almonds with fig jam, in addition to enriching the flavor, you will also make it more dense and stable!

If you prefer the homemade jam, you can make it in a pan in a few minutes, adding a little sugar and stirring for 15 minutes!

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