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Pasta with beans and potatoes (creamy, delicious and fast!) – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Pasta with beans and potatoes

There Pasta with beans and potatoes it's a first course hot, comforting And nutritious which sees the union of the classic Pasta and beans, with the delicacy of Pasta and potatoes. It is prepared with chopped potatoes that come first stewed in a pot with carrots and celery chopped and finally come added boiled beans ; to whom the pasta is added that it cooks directly with the sauce ! For a creamy result And enveloping where everyone the ingredients embrace together in a roundabout of flavors and textures: unparalleled goodness!

Pasta with beans and potatoes

It is a preparation easy and fast thanks to cooking method all in the pot of Pasta and lentils, Rice and cabbage! You can use the canned beans (as in my case) for a super fast process or dried beans to be soaked for 24 hours and then boiled. Excellent piping hot, the pasta with beans and potatoes is a real one winter comfort food for lunches And dinners, also children believe me, they will appreciate it and it is also perfect for vegans And vegetarians being free of animal fats!

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Pasta and chickpeas (the original Neapolitan recipe, all in a pot to make it creamy!)

Bean and potato pasta recipe


Preparation Cooking Total
10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes


Quantity for a mold 4 people cm
  • 160 gr of tubes (or mixed pasta, wheels or short pasta)
  • 500 gr of potatoes (weighed already peeled)
  • 1 can boiled beans (or 250 grams of dry beans)
  • 500 – 700 ml of water or vegetable broth
  • 80 grams of carrots
  • 80 gr of celery
  • 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • salt


How to make pasta with beans and potatoes

First of all, follow the procedure you find in PASTA AND POTATOES

but using only the ingredients listed here! Add the boiled beans 5 minutes before the potato base is completed .

Finally add the pasta and proceed as explained!

Yours is ready Pasta with beans and potatoes

Pasta with beans and potatoes

You can save for the following day if you have cooked the pasta al dente!


Suggested seasonal wines: Lugana Mandolara, Bardolino Chiaretto, Mùller Thurgau Durello from Cantina Soave – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Suggested seasonal wines: Lugana Mandolara, Bardolino Chiaretto, Mùller Thurgau Durello from Cantina Soave

Suggested Seasonal Wines: Lugana Mandolara, Bardolino Chiaretto, Mùller Thurgau Durello from Cantina Soave – Recipe and Cuisine

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Quick basic recipe and variations – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Fennel au gratin

THE Fennel au gratin I'm a side classic, exquisite And light, typical of the italian cuisine. Based on fennel cut into wedges and settle down in a pan, then flavored with bread crumbs, herbs And oil and finally baked in the oven, where yes they soften by impregnating all the scents and one is formed crust au gratin, golden And Crisp watering! In short, from 10 and praise!

Fennel au gratin

Like any traditional preparation, they exist different versions, the one I give you today is there Basic recipe of the Fennel au gratin without bechamel that I have always made; and that for savory taste, lightness in terms of calories e ease of execution, always remains one of the my absolute favorites! It is in fact a realization super fast! You will need them only 10 minutes of time to slice the fennel and prepare the panure; time to bake them and they are ready to be served! From this simple version you just can't vary the herbs, getting a different scent every time! But you can realize many variations tasty, such as: add some grated cheese or pieces of provola to have some fennel au gratin, creamy and stringy or even small pieces of baked ham or cold cuts that you have available! Either way they will be a real hit! Excellent hot but also cold and the next day! THE Fennel au gratin they are ideal as a winter side dish to accompany dishes of all kinds: from the Hamburger, from the Sea Bream to the foil, come on cheeses, or simply to dial seconds vegans! Believe me they will win you over at the first taste !

Recipes Fennel au gratin

Fennel au gratin with bechamel (the classic recipe to have them creamy!)

Fennel au gratin in a pan (delicious variant, very fast and without oven!)


Preparation Cooking Total
10 minutes 30 minutes 40 minutes


Quantity for 3 – 4 people
  • 3 large fennel
  • 4 – 5 tablespoons of breadcrumbs (also gluten-free)
  • Rosemary
  • sage
  • thyme
  • salt
  • extra virgin olive oil


How to make gratinated fennel

First of all, carefully clean the fennels, rinse them and cut them into slices.

Then arrange them in a pan previously greased with oil, in a radius, add a drizzle of oil and finally a pinch of salt.

Bake in a hot oven at 180 ° in the medium part for about 20 minutes.

Finally, remove from the oven, add the breadcrumbs previously combined with the chopped aromatic herbs, a pinch of salt and a generous drizzle of oil:

how to make fennel au gratin

Complete the cooking for another 15 minutes, the last 5 minutes turn on the grill, increase to 200 ° and place the pan in the upper part.

Yours are ready Fennel au gratin

Fennel au gratin

You can keep them at room temperature for 1 day, then in the fridge, just heat them, they will return as freshly made!


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