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Chocolate mice, delicious without dough and without cooking. They are prepared in 5 minutes with a blender and melt in your mouth – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Chocolate mice, delicious without dough and without cooking.  They are prepared in 5 minutes with a blender and melt in your mouth

THE chocolate mice They are very original sweets. They are very easy to prepare, you just need a little imagination. Excellent to prepare for children’s parties, or for a break from studying. The recipe calls for using a liquorice wheel to form the tail, but the children who helped me prepare these sweets didn’t like it, and so the mice came without tails. I prepared this recipe using the bimbybut obviously you can easily do without it and mix everything in a bowl.

Chocolate mice


  • 300g of biscuits
  • 100g of Philadelphia
  • 2 tablespoons of Nutella
  • 2 tablespoons apricot jam
  • smarties
  • sugar pralines
  • liquorice wheels


To prepare the chocolate micestart putting them in the bowl, and chop them at speed 6. Then add jam, Philadelphia and Nutellawork on speed 4.



Check that the ingredients are well mixed together and that you have obtained a workable dough.



Take a little dough and shape an elongated ball. Squeeze it slightly and shape it to obtain the body of the mouse. Use the sprinkles to form the eyes, while the smarties for the ears and the muzzle, finally a piece of liquorice wheel for the tail. Place them on a tray, or a covered baking dish, and then put them in the fridge to rest for an hour before enjoying them.



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Spaghetti with cheese, pepper and prawns, the fish-based first course which is prepared in 5 minutes while the pasta is cooking. Creamy and delicious – Gordon Ramsay’s version

cacio pepe e gamberi

Pasta with cheese, pepper and prawns makes one of the great classics of the Roman culinary tradition gourmet. There are many experiments that are carried out in the kitchen, but one of the most successful is certainly that of cheese and pepper together with elements of raw fish. We tried it first with sea urchins, then with mussels, and in both cases we were satisfied. Today is the turn of the shrimprigorously raw, marinated with lime and pink pepper, which will complete this first one in an excellent way. If you don’t have lime, don’t worry, you can replace it with simple lemon.

Pasta with cheese, pepper and prawns

Ingredients cheese and pepper

  • spaghetti 320 g
  • black pepper
  • pecorino 200 g
  • shrimp 12
  • files 1
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • fine salt
  • pink peppercorns 6
  • 1\2 golden onion
  • butter 50 g
  • leeks 70 g
  • garlic 1 clove
  • parsley 6 tufts
  • white wine 50 ml
  • fine salt
  • black peppercorns

Preparation of cheese and sea pepper

The first thing to do to prepare pasta with cheese, pepper and prawns is cleaning shellfish. Remove the head, the carapace and the internal black filament. Keep aside the waste. Finely chop the onion and leek. Melt the butter in a pan, then add the onion, then the leek and finally the garlic. You do fry for a few minutes, then add the prawn scraps. Brown over high heat and faded with white wine. When the alcohol has completely evaporated, cover with water and season with parsley and black peppercorns. Season with salt and simmer over low heat for 1 hour.

Every now and then, remove the foam that forms on the surface with a slotted spoon. Let’s move on to shrimp. Crush the pink pepper using a knife. Coarsely chop the prawns and transfer them to a bowl. Season with half a lime zest, the juice of a whole lime, pink pepper, a pinch of salt and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. At your place a mix and cover with cling film, then leave to rest in the refrigerator. Filter the shellfish stock and transfer it to a pan, where you will add some water. This is where you will boil the pasta. Crush the black peppercorns and toast them in a non-stick pan. Add 2 ladles of pasta cooking water.

Drain the spaghetti al dente and transfer them to the pan with the pepper. Add cooking water as needed and risotto the dough lightly. While the spaghetti continues to cook in the sauce, pour in half of the pecorino cheese in a bowl together with a ladle of cooking water. Mix vigorously and complete with the other half of pecorino. Add more water as needed, the result should be creamy. Give it a final stir, holding the bowl over the kitchen steam, then turn off the heat and pour it over the pasta. Mix and serve, then top with the prawns and a little lime zest. Your pasta, cheese, pepper and prawns ready.

Capunet fridge emptyer – Yet another cooking blog – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Capunet fridge emptyer - Yet another cooking blog

These capunet fridge emptyer they are the anti-waste version of the traditional Piedmontese recipe. A clever and tasty second course of meat.

In reality this recipe from Savoy cuisine was born precisely in times of crisis and has its roots in the history of this region. From the dialect “little capons”, capunet are small cabbage rolls, prepared with leftover meat from the day before.

This anti-waste recipe varies depending on the area or family tradition, in particular in the composition of the filling, with different minced meat, stale bread, more or less cheese.

Here you can find the recipe closest to the official onewhile in this article I want to offer you a truly fridge-emptying version of capunet, suggesting ingredients that we all have at home, always on the verge of expiring, or in quantities so small that they cannot be used in a real recipe and therefore destined to be forgotten.

For example, cooked meat, roast ends, leftover rotisserie chicken, cooked ham or other cold cuts. Even stale bread is the protagonist, a precious ally of the anti-waste kitchen. Finally the cheeses, leftover pieces in their paper wrappings and abandoned in some tray in the fridge. I’m sure this situation is familiar to you, right?

The video recipe for my fridge emptying capunet

If you want step-by-step visual support for this recipe, I invite you on my Instagram channel @lennesimoblog to see the full video recipe.

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