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Yedi Pressure Cooker Review – A 2020 Deep Dive by Gordon Ramsay

yedi pressure cooker reviews

yedi pressure cooker reviews

A Deep Dive Into Yedi Pressure Cooker

You could say that Yedi Pressure Cooker is an appliance which in its name, sells itself short. It actually offers a 9-in-1 cooking experience. The versatile electric cooker includes pressure cook, slow cook, sauté, steam, make cakes, pasteurize, rice cooking, cake making, yogurt making, and keep warm functions. It’s also designed with 15 instant touch cooking programs, and 10 safety features.

Yedi Pressure Cooker not only provides versatility, convenience, and safety, but also taste, nutrition, health, and even money-saving benefits in just one appliance.

It cooks in less than half of the time in comparison to a normal cooker, in a way that helps to preserve its natural flavor and nutrients, resulting in more delicious and nutritious meals. Healthier too, without losing essential nutrients and while eradicating dangerous micro-organisms from your food. Its inner pot features a three-ply bottom that evenly distributes heat to ensure that food is thoroughly and safely cooked all the way through. It also has no chemical coating whatsoever, unlike most of today’s non-stick cookware.

Yedi Pressure Cooker gives you a variety of cooking and custom options to make meals on your time and in your way. If you stack the steamer on top of the inner pot, you can cook two meals simultaneously. You can cook, let’s say, a stew in the inner pot while you steam the vegetables above.

So, you can cook a wide variety of meals quicker, to save you time and with it, energy; and of course, money for that energy! Its impressive accessories package, meaning that you don’t have to buy anything extra, saves you even more time and money.

The 6-quart capacity model, that we tested and reviewed, is plenty big enough to cook a meal for a family of four. An 8-quart is also available for larger families or parties. However, a larger capacity also means that you can easily slide in bulky items like a rack of ribs or a whole crab, or simply make larger quantities of food to save you time later. This could also be more economical in the long run and provide further cost-saving.

Who’s It For?

Whether you’re an overwhelmed and rushed parent and/or an overworked and busy professional, you will probably appreciate and value any time saved in the kitchen. Maybe you follow a healthy diet, or at least would like to? Then, if you haven’t already, you should consider getting a multi-cooking device such as Yedi Pressure Cooker.

It provides a total package that does it all, and faster. Equipped with loads of features, this versatile appliance can shorten your cooking time by up to 70%, enhancing the richness and natural flavors of foods, and make it a lot easier for you to get a tasty meal on the table. Foods retain more of their nutrients and taste when cooked faster and using less liquid.

And as foods retain more nutrients with shorter cooking time, and using less oil or water, a healthier one too! Not only that, by providing temperatures higher than 212°F, pressure cooking can effectively eliminate harmful microorganisms.

This shorter cooking time results in an overall cooler temperature in the kitchen and saves energy. Not only because of the shorter cooking time but when cooking with more pots and pans on the stovetop, more heat rises from them and builds in the kitchen. Yedi Pressure Cooker instead retains the heat and steam, with none of it escaping to heat your kitchen.

You’ll feel more comfortable in a cooler kitchen, which is good for your pocket, saving you on energy bills, as well as the planet as global temperatures rise. And who doesn’t want that?

Or increased health and safety in the kitchen? Long gone are the days when stovetop pressure cookers could explode. A modern electrical model like Yedi Pressure Cooker has a long list of safety features, such as automatic steam venting and visible pressure indicators.

They’re also more versatile than their older predecessors. The Yedi, as we’ve seen, is in fact, a 9-in-1 multicooker; developed, designed, and built with more capabilities and functions, for greater convenience. You can cook a very wide variety of foods in numerous different ways. Sometimes at the same time as brilliant for one pot, or its two-pots, cooking. That’s far more efficient than using several pots on separate burners, and with it less washing up after.

You can also cook in different quantities. Yedi Pressure Cooker is available in six- and eight-quarts capacities, giving you flexibility depending on the necessity, or choice, of the amount of food that you prepare.

All of these benefits make it a product that could be for a wide variety of people. Not just for families, large or small. As it’s priced lower than many of its competitors and will make energy cost savings, it’s ideal for those with a smaller household budget. Or who live in a smaller home. As it’s electric and very portable, as well as clean and tidy, you can cook delicious meals in any room. You don’t even need a kitchen!

The preprogrammed digital controls provide maximum simplicity and convenience for beginners, and it’s dishwasher friendly and easy to clean.

In short, Yedi Pressure Cooker is for anyone who wants tasty, healthy, and fast cooking. And all of the many gains in benefits and savings in costs that it brings.

What We Like About Yedi Pressure Cooker

Most significantly its versatility is provided by its 9-in-1 different functions. But also, by its 15 instant touch cooking programs. These include, amongst others: meat/stew, poultry, bean/chili, soup, cake, rice, egg, multigrain, and porridge.

All of these are made even easier and more convenient, by the 4 intuitive icons and progress indicators of its stylish LCD panel. But also, unlike many other cookers available on the market, Yedi provides more flexibility to allow manual pressure level setting and cook times.

Yedi Pressure Cooker also comes with 10 safety features: temperature monitor, safety locking lid, electrical temperature & current fuse, auto pressure control, auto temperature control, smart lock sensor, anti-block shield, a system of pressure protection, system of pressure regulation, and cooking mitts for resisting heat. Additionally, the pasteurize setting lets you sterilize the bottles for a bacteria-free environment.

The durable and dishwasher-safe inner cooking pot is made of stainless steel so has no coatings of chemicals on it. This also makes it resistant to flakes like traditional ceramic pots that might develop over time. It has markings of 1/2 & 2/3 for safe pressure cooking, as well as measuring markings in liters. Its 3-ply bottom distributes heat to evenly and thoroughly cook food. The included stainless steel steamer basket enables you to cook 2 dishes at the same time.

With the incredible included accessories, you can utilize this appliance straight out of the box, without the need to buy anything else for it. And it comes with a detailed instruction manual, a recipe book, and a cheat sheet on how to cook various dishes with various settings. Yedi also uploads numerous recipe videos onto their Instagram account every week.

For handy storage, it has a detachable power cord. And if anything does go wrong, with a 2 years full warranty, your Yedi Pressure Cooker will be replaced or money will be returned for any issues found.

What We Don’t Like About Yedi Pressure Cooker

We were overall very impressed with this appliance, so our quibbles are relatively small ones.

Stirring is required, and a little bit of a hassle, when slow cooking. But that’s by no means unique to Yedi Pressure Cooker.

What might be is that we considered the lid to have a minor design or build faults. It could be improved with a little bit more care and attention.

Previous users have generally agreed that the Yedi Houseware Appliances website and mobile app for iOS and Android have errors, omissions, or typos. Also, they’re not that helpful regarding recipes. They almost always relate to Instant Pot models! Yedi should develop their own, unique ones to make their product more attractive and competitive against this bigger brand.


  • Offers instant start cooking options that save time
  • High quality and works well
  • Comes with a full accessories package
  • The stainless steel steamer basket enables cooking 2 dishes at the same time
  • Fantastic warranty and customer service


  • Straight out of the box, plugged it in and started beeping with an ‘Error 1’ message (faulty heat sensor)
  • One and a half years after purchase the valve jumped out
  • All of a sudden it stopped working. Touch control panel didn’t light up, and it wouldn’t turn on at all

What’s Included?

Yedi Pressure Cooker, tempered glass lid, 2 egg racks/steaming trivets, ladle, rice paddle, cooking mitts, extra silicone sealing ring, stainless steel steaming basket, stainless steel inner cooking pot, measuring cup, recipe book, ‘cheat sheets’, user manual, and 2 years full warranty whereby Yedi Houseware will refund your money and or replace your purchase if you have any issues with it.

Overview Of Features

Yedi Pressure Cooker is a 6-quart, 1000-W, multi use cooking device that measures 12.6 x 12.2 x 13 inches and weighs18.41 pounds. It has a stainless steel body with a tempered glass lid that is perfect for slow cooking and sautéing. The power cord is detachable for easier storage.

It has many advantages, among which saving time & energy, preserving nutrients, and eliminating harmful micro-organisms from food are the most significant.

This 9-in-1 appliance cooks meals in less than half the time. You can pressure cook, slow cook, sauté, steam, make cakes, pasteurize, make yogurt, cook rice, make eggs and warm, all in this one electric cooker.

Yedi Pressure Cooker has 15 instant-touch microprocessor cooking programs: poultry, meat/stew, bean/chili, soup, sauté/sear, cake, rice, egg, multigrain, porridge, steam/veggies, slow cook, keep warm, yogurt, and pressure cook (manual setting). Unlike most other cookers on the market, it gives you the flexibility to manually input cooking times and set different pressure levels as desired.

This is done by the LCD panel with 4 intuitive icons and progress indicators for various functions. The cooker symbol indicates the progress status of the heating or cooking process, the ‘P’ symbol indicates pressure cook program selection, the key symbol indicates the on/off status of keep warm function, and the sound-symbol indicates on/off when cooking begins and finishes.

Its 10 safety features include temperature monitor, safety locking lid, electrical temperature & current fuse, auto pressure control, auto temperature control, smart lock sensor, anti-block shield, a system of pressure protection, system of pressure regulation, and cooking mitts for resisting heat.

The dishwasher safe inner cooking pot of stainless steel has no coatings of chemicals on it. The 3-ply bottom gives an even distribution of heat. It has markings of 1/2 & 2/3 for safe pressure cooking, and also includes measuring with markings in liters. It comes with a stainless steel steamer that can be used to cook two dishes at the same time.

Yedi Pressure Cooker comes with a deluxe accessory kit. Included is a tempered glass lid 2 egg racks/steaming trivets, ladle, rice paddle, cooking mitts, extra silicone sealing ring, stainless steel steaming basket, stainless steel inner cooking pot, and a measuring cup.

It also comes with a recipe book and ‘cheat sheets’. Also, the Yedi Houseware Appliances website has lots of recipes and the Yedi Houseware Instagram has new content and recipe videos uploaded every week.

And if anything does go wrong, there’s a 2 years full warranty. Your Yedi Pressure Cooker will be replaced or money will be returned for any issues found.

Review Summary

Yedi houseware is a trustworthy brand whose advertising claims that it is “perfect under pressure”. It lives up to that promise with the Yedi Pressure Cooker. When it comes to a pre-programmed multi-use cooker packed with all kinds of features, you can’t go wrong with this appliance.

Whether you’re an experienced cook or a novice, this unit is a must-buy. It saves you time, energy, and money to deliver tasty, safe, healthy, and nutritious meals. If you want to cook these with ease, speed, convenience, and versatility, then remember the name ‘Yedi Pressure Cooker’. It’s the right device at a good price!


Insignia Pressure Cooker Review – A 2020 Deep Dive by Gordon Ramsay

insignia pressure cooker review

insignia pressure cooker review

A Deep Dive Into Insignia Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers, or rather the principle around them, have been around for centuries. Today’s pressure cookers retain the many benefits of pressure cooking, but are a lifetime away, from the noisy, spitting, and rattling pots of the past. For these reasons they retain their popularity; perhaps increasingly so, in tandem with their usefulness and convenience to today’s times and world.

As a result, there’s a huge choice of pressure cookers from many different brands available in the market. The Insignia brand has a wide offer of kitchen products, among which one of their best-sellers is this 6-quart pressure cooker.

With an Insignia Pressure Cooker, you’ll no longer have to be nervous about the heat settings in the different recipes that you may follow. Its multiple cooking modes and digital programming make cooking any dish simple and hassle-free. You can use it as a pressure cooker and a slow cooker, for a wide variety of foods, which will all retain their taste and nutrients. It’s dishwasher safe and extremely easy to clean.

We used and tested Insignia Pressure Cooker and reviewed it below, delivering our verdict to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Who’s It For?

To determine who Insignia Pressure Cooker is for, we need to examine the numerous benefits of this type of cooking, for who it’s attractive to and suits.

Firstly, foods retain most of their nutrients and are even tastier from a pressure cooker. That’s because foods are cooked faster and using less liquid, and the longer foods are cooked, especially in liquid, the more nutrients are destroyed. The fact that foods are done in a shorter cooking time means they lose their color and flavor, as well as minerals and vitamins that are evaporated or diluted when cooking in large quantities of water for longer. Pressure cookers reduce cooking time by as much as 70%, so enhancing the richness and natural flavors of foods.

This shorter cooking time also saves energy. But also, pressure cookers lend themselves brilliantly to one-pot cooking recipes and are far more efficient than using several pots on separate burners. With the ever-escalating cost of electricity and gas, this can result in significant energy savings. And who doesn’t want to reduce the size of their monthly household utility bills?

Of course, this shorter cooking time also saves you time in preparing meals.

With foods cooking up to 70% faster in a pressure cooker, it’s a handy tool after a long and tiring day at work. With Insignia Pressure Cooker you can whip up a tasty and nutritious meal much quicker. Just throw in all the ingredients and it’ll be ready by the time that you’ve tidied up the kitchen and set the table, or even better, had a refreshing shower and relaxed.

With its automatic cooking mode, you can even prepare it before and set it to be ready for when you return home, or at a time to suit others in the household. The shorter cooking time, with less time monitoring the food, means that you get more time to communicate and connect with loved ones and guests. Or just to spend on rest, relaxation, or leisure activities.

These benefits above also result in an overall cooler temperature in the kitchen. Not only because of the shorter cooking time but when cooking with regular pots and pans on the stovetop, heat rises from them and builds in the kitchen. A pressure cooker instead retains the heat and steam, with none of it escaping to heat your kitchen. With summers getting warmer, as seen by the recent record heat waves across much of the country, you’ll feel more comfortable in a cooler kitchen.

And cooking with regular stovetop pots tends to leave more mess, not only on the stovetop itself but also its controls and often on counters and even walls. Liquid, steam, and oils more easily escape from such cookware than a pressure cooker with its well-secured lid. This requires some cleanup after cooking, as well as more pots to wash. Use a pressure cooker and there could be only that to wash!

It’s very apparent then, that these benefits, convenience, and flexibility means that Insignia Pressure Cooker could be for a wide variety of people.

It’s suitable for those with families, and also comes in an 8-quart size if yours is a larger family. It can be used to teach good habits to children, when you prepare tasty and delicious meals with it, on how to eat healthily and regularly.

As it’s a low-cost product, that will make energy cost savings, it’s ideal for those on a tight budget such as students and young people, including first-time homeowners, living away from their family home. The digital controls make cooking convenient and easier for beginners, and its dishwasher friendly and easy to clean. You don’t even need a kitchen! As an electric and very portable, as well as clean and tidy, you can cook delicious meals in any room.

Insignia Pressure Cooker is for those who want to achieve tasty and healthy, precise, and fast cooking. For ‘foodies’ and those who lead a healthy lifestyle. Or even for those who wish to; they could experiment with a pressure cooker without having to invest too much.

You can also use a pressure cooker to prepare food for canning to be stored for future use. If you’re a gardener, hunter, or homesteader perhaps.

It’s therefore ideal for a modern urban or more traditional lifestyle. Whether you live with a family or alone. If you’re cooking for others or just for yourself.

What We Like About Insignia Pressure Cooker

A modern and hip-looking portable electric device, Insignia Pressure Cook is as functional as it is stylish. With 14 pre-set programs, and three levels of pressure and temperature for the simplest of cooking. The automatic keep-warm function and 24-hour delay timer accommodate busy schedules and provide flexibility in mealtimes. Its 6-quart capacity lets you make generous portions for your family.

Despite its ample volume, Insignia Pressure Cook still manages to look sleek and compact, and it does not occupy space in the kitchen. And with its attractive stainless-steel body, you won’t mind it out on display. The rest of the materials used are equally durable, of high quality, and BPA free. The cooking pot is designed as a dishwasher safe non-stick Teflon.

The handle remains cool at all times, just one of its outstanding safety features. There’s also a lid lock, venting system, automatic pressure release, overheat protection, protection for the valve, and a gasket to seal the lid.

Insignia Pressure Cooker seals in steam to cook food faster at 1000W pressure. This preserves the food’s nutrients and color, delivering you healthy and flavorful cooking. And that’s across pretty much for any food type, for a full variety of recipes, dishes, and cuisines. Its three pressure and temperature settings, along with multiple cooking modes and presets, provides full versatility.

It allows you to cook with precision and reassurance; without you having to rely on intuition. The LCD clearly shows the temperature that is set and lets you make changes using custom settings.

The fast cooking times make it energy-efficient, which can save you money on electricity and gas. With the heat sealed in and not escaping, your kitchen remains cooler than when cooking with regular stovetop pots and pans. It also makes the cooking process less messy, meaning less cleaning after for you. But Insignia Pressure Cooker itself is easy to clean after use.

It has an automatic keep-warm function to preserve your food’s temperature, without overcooking it, until it’s time to serve it. And you can prepare your food ahead of time, leave the house, and return to a well-cooked and delicious one-pot meal, thanks to the 24-hour delay timer.

What We Don’t Like About Insignia Pressure Cooker

Really, not too much.

While we’ve written about the virtues of its multiple preset cooking modes and digital programming, the choice of manual settings would be good for more experienced cooks. Likewise, the non-stick Teflon inner pot is of course convenient and easy to clean. But for our money, you still can’t beat a stainless steel one.


  • It works great, and it truly makes cooking simpler with so many presets
  • Meals are so much quicker and healthier
  • You can actually taste the difference in your food
  • Wonderful quality at a great price. Highly recommended
  • Every family needs one!


  • Lack of manual settings
  • Stainless steel inner pot isn’t included
  • Insufficient user manual. It could be more comprehensive




What’s Included?

  • Insignia 6-Quart Multi-Function Pressure Cooker
  • Condensation collector
  • Cooking stand
  • Inner pot
  • Measuring cup (3/4 C capacity)
  • Rice scoop
  • Soup ladle
  • Stainless steel rack
  • User guide
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor

Overview Of Features

Pressure cooking: It seals in steam to cook food quickly while at the same time preserving nutrients and ensuring healthy and flavorful results.

6-quart capacity: Provides ample room for ingredients, letting you easily prepare portions for family, friends, and other groups.

10 preset cooking functions: Choose from Rice, Multi-grain, Soup, Meat/Stew, Poultry, Fish, Steam Vegetables, Beans/Chili, Quinoa, and Cake.

24-hour timer: This allows you to ‘set it and forget it’ and delay cooking until the perfect time for you.

Keep warm setting: Maintain your food at an ideal serving temperature.

Digital controls: Easily select cooking options, see the time and change the cooking or delay time.

Locking lid: Keeps the lid locked firmly in place once enough pressure builds inside the cooker.

Stainless-steel finish: Adds a modern and trendy look to your kitchen.

Dishwasher-safe and nonstick Teflon pot: Ensures quick and easy cleanup.

Great accessories package is included: Measuring cup, rice scoop, soup ladle, cooking stand, and condensation collector are included for use right out of the box.

Review Summary

Cooking food in Insignia Pressure Cooker works 70% faster than regular stovetop cooking. This is the main factor in at least 50% of the nutrients and flavors being retained, providing food that is healthy and delicious. This efficiency uses less energy to conserve electricity, without the use of gas at all. Put simply, it takes less energy and water to cook food in an electric cooker, so conserving electricity and other utilities.

Enjoy cooking vegetables, rice, desserts, meat, fish, and other types of food to perfection, using the various methods that come pre-programmed for many varieties of cooking. Cook oats, lentils, cake, cereals, soups, stews, and anything you want to cook with this versatile pot. And when you’re finished, it’s easy to wash and clean, as well as less mess on the surrounding surfaces, with many dishwasher compatible parts and accessories.

Cooking with the preset modes couldn’t be simpler. You, your family, and your guests will be amazed by the results. And as the cooking time is much faster, you’ll enjoy more time to spend with them.

If you’re a family with young children, it helps them to be less fussy about foods, as you can make nutritious food that retains flavors. You can also receive the added benefit of showing them how easy it is to cook good and healthy meals.

Insignia Pressure Cooker lets you cook meals within a short time, allowing you to more easily prepare and cook tasty and healthy meals every day and on special occasions. Safely too, with its plethora of safety features.

It’s one of the best electric cookers available on the market, reducing the need for having many appliances on the go at once. It cooks a variety of dishes within minutes. You’ll be delighted and impressed at how fast you can cook inside this one-pot, no matter what your expertise level in cooking is.


Ninja Instant Cooker Review – A 2020 Deep Dive by Gordon Ramsay

ninja crockpot reviews

ninja crockpot reviews

A Deep Dive Into Ninja Instant Cooker

Ninja Instant Cooker is the budget entry-level multi-functional product from the kitchen appliance brand. It combines a pressure cooker with a slow cook, searing/saute, steam, and keep warm functions, for a 5-in-1 device. Within some of those functions, it has further settings, to allow you to customize your cooking.

Using the touch controls, simply select the function and set the temperature, and you can pretty much cook anything in a multicooker like Ninja Instant. Savory or sweet! You can sear or braise meats and fish, or slow cook for stews, steam or saute vegetables, cook rice and other grains, and even bake cakes. The timer can be set for automatic shut off to cook even when you’re out.

Ninja instant Cooker gives you the ability to make mouth-wateringly delicious meals simply and quickly. Its pressure mode cooks up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods. And because of its design and cooking method, it is healthier and more nutritional too.

It gives you 2 pressure levels, low and high, and 5 sear/sauté temperature settings, for greater cooking control. Also, the slow cook and steam functions offer the flexibility of multiple cook times and 3 temperature settings. So whether you prefer to just set it and leave it, or be more hands-on, Ninja Instant Cooker is your essential tool to help you make tasty food easily in minutes rather than hours. All in one 6-quart ceramic-coated nonstick pot, meaning less washing up afterward. Who doesn’t want that?!

Instant Cooker is smaller and has less power than the rest of its Ninja multicooker stablemates. And with that, comes fewer functions. But at a considerably lower price. So if you don’t need all the ‘bells and whistles’ of the other models, then it could be the right choice for you.

Who’s It For?

Ninja Instant Cooker is a worthy investment in the kitchen for anyone; whether you’re a working person or stay at home person, with or without a family, or a student. For those who enjoy cooking and those who don’t. The experienced or the beginner. Anyone and everyone!

If you don’t have a pressure cooker already, then we’d recommend that you get one. And as a budget entry-level bit of kit, Ninja Instant Cooker is a good place to start.
It’s great at making all sorts of foods simply and easily. Anyone who leads a busy life can benefit from just throwing the ingredients into the one pot of this pressure or slow cooker, program the function and settings, and it will do the rest. As it’s portable and electric, you’re not just tied to the kitchen with it even.

Although as a pressure cooker it really shines in reducing cooking time, its uses and benefits aren’t just limited to saving you time and hassle. By cooking foods faster and with less liquid, more nutrients are retained. The longer that foods are cooked, especially in liquid, the more they lose nutrients and with it, color and flavor, as greater minerals and vitamins evaporate and dilute.

Reduced cooking time also results in reduced energy use and so reduced bills. With one-pot, even more so compared to the likely several pots on separate burners of other cooking methods. So Ninja Instant Cooker saves you money too; didn’t we say that it was a good investment? And less energy usage is better for the environment too!

All of this makes Ninja Instant Cooker an appliance to suit anyone who wants delicious and nutritious meals; tasty and healthy food that’s cooked quickly and is good for you, your pocket, and the planet.

What We Like About Ninja Instant Cooker

Via its digital control panel, Ninja Instant Cooker provides a wide range of one-touch possibilities to make preparing tasty and healthy meals easily. Just select and program the 5 built-in cooking functions: pressure cook (high and low), slow cook, steam, sear/sauté, and keep warm. In addition, five sear/sauté settings allow you to do either of those methods at different temperatures.

With the pressure cook function, you can cook meals 70% quicker than with traditional stovetop methods. While saving energy in the cooking process, it serves up delicious food that is nutritious, as its design and construction lock the key elements inside the unit while cooking.

In principle, it actually works very similarly to the stovetop pressure cooker that you might have memories of from your childhood. But without the distinct noise of the old units. And as a separate and independent electric appliance, it works much faster. Just follow the clearly-presented cooking times in the QuickStart guide. You’ll have delicious and nutritious potatoes in six minutes, chicken pieces in five, and rice in just two. If you want a whole roast, you’ll have one in under an hour!

But not just as a pressure cooker that Ninja Instant Cooker shines. And with the sear/sauté function you can brown your meat before finishing. The steam function is excellent for sealing all the goodness into veggies. Its slow cook function also works similarly to slow cookers used in the past. It has been appreciated greatly for its slow cooking, pressure cooking, and steaming function goodness for those veggies. The slow cook function does achieve the same process and results as its slow cookers predecessors. After preparing and cooking you can keep it all warm until you’re ready to eat.

As well as multiple pre-sets, Ninja Instant Cooker’s LED control panel has advanced features like five stovetop settings, customizable cooking programs, and dual pressure cooking settings. All workable with the timer, you can set it to have dinner ready and still warm when the kids get back in from school, or you return from work.

Ninja Instant Cooker gives you total cooking control. But it doesn’t sap the creativity and flair out of cooking. Ninja has also done well in giving the user great control over pressure, temperature, and time. And if you require a little inspiration, their own published and provided recipes are easy to closely follow.

The best part is that when you’re done you only have one pot to clean. And even that is a breeze since nothing sticks to its ceramic cooking pot, plus that and the stainless steel stamping rack are dishwasher safe. Ninja Instant Cooker includes a 6-quart ceramic-coated nonstick pot and a stainless steel steam rack, both of which are dishwasher safe. Ceramic is safer to use than other nonstick material, such as Teflon, as it does not peel over time, and its non-stick properties reliably last longer.

The more expensive Ninja Foodi pot has a Teflon coating, which works well as a non-stick pan, but can start peeling after a while with some misuse like constant scraping. The cheaper Instant Cooker beats it in this respect, with its non-stick FDA-approved and PTFE-free ceramic coating.

Ninja Instant also has the advantages of being more compact, so more suitable for a smaller kitchen, and also lighter. Its body is constructed from plastic, and the cooking pot is made from aluminum.

Ninja Instant Pot has 11 levels of safety and has gained certification after fulfilling the demanding UL lab testing, which aims to make cooking a convenient and safe experience.

Coming with a one-year limited warranty, it’s a very good budget option if you don’t need all the functions of its more expensive stablemates. And as we’ve highlighted, Ninja Instant Cooker even has some advantages. All at a cheaper price!

What We Don’t Like About Ninja Instant Cooker

It’s a personal preference of course, and some people won’t be bothered, only maybe by its lesser functionality, but its black and silver finish looks a lot cheaper than the Foodi.

And although Ninja Instant Cooker boasts of numerous benefits certain limitations cannot be overlooked. Some previous users have reported that they had trouble getting its functioning right as it is better to set the pressure level first and then the timer, which is not mentioned in the user manual.

Also, some have complained about issues while setting the lid as the arrows on the lid are not very clearly visible. The steam that shoots out on release emits a loud noise. But admittedly, that’s not uncommon in pressure cookers more generally. Other previous users have also noted quality control issues.

Our findings were that the sautéing function needs to be improved. The main unit itself and the lids, the non-dishwashable parts, have awkward crevices that are hard to get into, making this part of the washing-up a pain.

Also, you can’t cool it and your food down immediately if that’s what you want, as the keep-warm function automatically kicks-in after cooking is over. If you’re at home, you can just remove the food. But if you’re out this isn’t possible of course.

Lastly, with only a 6-quart capacity available, it’s really for large households making large meals only. We’d like to see Ninja make a scaled-down version for smaller ones, or for people, such as students, who are likely to be cooking just for themselves most of the time.


  • It’s super easy to clean and to use
  • Offers instant start cooking options that save time
  • Better than Instant Pot brand
  • Amazing value
  • Making dinner is now half work and half the time


  • Be careful of steam release valve
  • Straight that you will have to be releasing steam from the pressure cooker. That means you can not have anything above where you use it, as it will become damaged by the steam in the long term
  • Some previous uses have said that their units have arrived with dents straight out of the box

What’s Included?

You’ll get the Ninja Instant Cooker unit with its 1000-watt base, 6-quart ceramic-coated nonstick pot, stainless-steel steam rack, an extra silicon ring, user manual, 10-recipe ‘inspiration guide, and one-year limited warranty.

Overview Of Features

With a 6-quart capacity, measuring in inches 12.2 L x 13.1 W x 13.2 H, and weighing 15.5 pounds, Ninja Instant Cooker, has a silver-colored aluminum body, with black plastic trim and lid.

It cooks food up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods (versus slow-cooked, braised, or low-simmer recipes).

This cooker includes a digital, programmable control panel that comes with 5 built-in cooking functions: pressure cook (high and low), slow cook, steam, sear/sauté, and keep warm. The 5 sear/sauté settings allow you to sauté and sear at a temperature of your choosing.

Ninja Instant Cooker includes a 6-quart ceramic-coated nonstick pot that is FDA-approved and PTFE-free ceramic coating. It also includes a stainless steel steam rack. Both are dishwasher safe.

Your peace of mind is aided by the 11 levels of safety. Ninja Instant Cooker has passed rigorous testing to earn UL safety certification, giving you confidence and reassurance while cooking.

Ninja Instant Cooker comes with a 10-recipe ‘inspiration guide’ to help get you started straight out of the box.

Review Summary

Ninja manufactures and markets kitchen multitask appliances, which have come to be referred to as a Swiss Army Knife for the kitchen!
With its Instant Cooker, it provides a lower-cost and budget-priced entry-level product. Along with the price, the size and functionality have been scaled back, but not the quality performance. Also, they’ve been reduced relatively not as much as the cost.

Obviously, it’s ‘horses for courses’, and down to if you need all ‘the bells and whistles’ of a more expensive model; will you use all of the functions enough to justify the extra expenditure. If you don’t, and also aren’t bothered by its cheaper look, then the Ninja Instant provides amazing value and should suit you just fine.


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