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Gluten Free Heart Brioche, Cream and Chocolate – Easy Dough Without Butter and Oil – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Gluten Free Heart Brioche, Cream and Chocolate - Easy Dough Without Butter and Oil

Gluten-free brioches are easy and versatile with this recipe without butter And oil with cream in the dough! I gave my croissants a shape a heart, I filled them with custard and chocolate, excellent for a breakfast, snack or delicious dessert.

With this dose you will get 24 small brioches (my heart mold measures 7 cm in the widest part!)

# Family💚 I am extremely happy to share this beautiful, versatile and delicious recipe that you can give a thousand shapes and fill as you like!

You know I'm crazy about custard, I couldn't help but put it in these sweet hearts! For the sweet tooth, any type of spreadable cream (hazelnut, pistachio, almond) or jam is also fine.

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The important thing is to know that this brioche cuts wonderfully!

To have an impeccable leavened cake, you must always start from a super homogeneous dough, I show you that you can also get it by working by hand, but if you want to help you with a planetary mixer, you can definitely do it!

Use the leaf hook and make the recipe as described below.

These brioches, by appropriately modifying the ingredients, you can absolutely make them lactose-free.

Brioche With Gluten Free Ice Cream, Without Leavening with Ricotta in the Dough – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Brioche With Gluten Free Ice Cream, Without Leavening with Ricotta in the Dough

Quick brioches with yeast-free and gluten-free ice cream, you prepare them in a short time, they are soft and fragrant and can accommodate your favorite filling inside the ice cream or spreadable cream!

With these doses you will get approx 8 brioches.

Family💚 is not the original brioche with tuppo, but it is an excellent alternative to quickly have a fresh and super-greedy dessert!

Even if the dough is not the original one, aesthetically it can be nice to reproduce its appearance! Just divide the dough by weighing the balls, the 90 gr base, the 15 gr “tuppo”.

The dough is very soft but with a very light dusting of the mix, you can get smooth balls with your hands, form a small dimple on the top with your thumb and place the smaller round ball on it.

There brushed with milk it will ensure you a beautiful golden color as well as seal the brioche!

As soon as they are taken out of the oven, cover the brioches with one tea towel cleaned up so that their own moisture keeps them soft.

Once cold, you can cut them, fill them with ice cream and consume them immediately, or keep them empty in a bag for food tightly closed and refill at the moment of consumption.

If the brioche hardens a bit (it depends on what flour you use and also on how it is cooked) you can lightly pass it in the microwave, but without letting it overheat and then cut it and fill it with ice cream or spreads.

Mushroom and sausage pizza – highly hydrated dough – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Mushroom and sausage pizza - highly hydrated dough

There Mushroom and sausage pizza – highly hydrated dough provides a dough that contains very little yeast (3 grams) and a greater amount of water than traditional pizza recipes. With a leavening therefore even longer than in traditional times.

It is a dough also known as dough Bonci or Bonci pizza. Gabriele Bonci is the famous Roman chef star of the TV program "PIZZA HERO".

A dough characterized precisely by high hydration and for the minimum amount of yeast, it needs longer rising times, about 24 hours.

Even if it will take many hours to rise, you will see that this type of dough will be well alveolate and soft and above all lighter and easily digestible.

So if you want to make pizza for Saturday night, you'll have to knead it the day before!

Let's see the recipe.

Long rising pizza dough

  • 500 g of flour 0
  • 400 g of water
  • 3 g of fresh brewer's yeast
  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • 2 tablespoons of oil

For the dressing:

  • tomato (pureed or peeled)
  • a fresh sausage
  • a handful of sliced ​​champignon mushrooms
  • oregano to taste
  • mozzarella cheese


We prepare the pizza with the dough by hand. With these doses come two medium pans.

In a bowl, mix the flour with half of the water. In the remaining water, dissolve the brewer's yeast and add it to the dough.

Add the salt, the oil and always mix in the bowl.

Stir vigorously for two or three minutes, then let the dough rise (covered with a cloth) for about 10-15 minutes.

Then turn the dough (which will be soft) on a pastry board sprinkled with durum wheat semolina flour.

You will not have to knead it, but you will only have to make folds by taking the dough on the sides and closing it inwards. Do this a couple of times.

Then put the dough back in the bowl, cover it with cling film and let it rise in the fridge for about 20-24 hours.

Take the pizza back and leave it for half an hour at room temperature.

Then arrange the dough on a baking sheet and roll it out with your fingers with the help of a little oil.

Let it rest again for about 2 hours in the oven off, with the light bulb.

After the time has elapsed, season your pizza with tomato flavored with salt, oil and oregano.

Then distribute here and there some small pieces of sausage and sliced ​​champignon mushrooms, a handful of plenty of mozzarella, oregano to taste and a nice swirl of oil.

Bake your pizza in a very hot oven at 230 ° -250 ° for 20-25 minutes.

Enjoy your meal!

If, on the other hand, you don't have much time and want to eat pizza at the last minute, opt for a recipe that includes more yeast and shorter times.


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