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Turkish Sweet and Sour Peppers Recipe – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Turkish Sweet and Sour Peppers Recipe

A tasty recipe, learned from a friend of Turkish origin. Basically, it would be a recipe similar to the Sicilian one, with the variant of adding coarsely chopped dried fruit and dried fruit. For these last ingredients I used cashews and dehydrated blueberries, while for the sweet and sour tone I used honey and apple cider vinegar. Then the abundant basil gives the magical touch that makes this simple dish the queen of a buffet, a cold dinner or a simple appetizer. Seeing is believing !

Wash the peppers well, dry them

Clean the peppers removing also and above all the white nerves inside, and all the seeds

Cut the peppers into strips and put them in a pan, salt and pepper to taste

Start cooking with a covered pan, and halfway through cooking, add the cashews, blueberries, dried basil and if you want the dry mixture for spagnetta which is based on parsley, garlic and chilli, or as an alternative to the latter mixture of spices you can only put chilli. Mix everything, and continue cooking, always with the pan covered.

Almost at the end of cooking, add the previously prepared mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey and let it evaporate with the pan uncovered, then add the chopped fresh basil, stir and turn off the heat. Before serving, leave the peppers to rest with the pan off for 5 minutes.

Put the peppers in a serving dish, decorate with a sprig of fresh basil and serve.

They are also good served at room temperature or even cold.

Serve cold and decorated with sprigs of fresh basil, accompanied by warm croutons and a good prosecco

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Francesca Pipia

My name is Francesca and I am 51 years old and I am a mother of two boys and guardian of two other boys (my grandchildren). I worked for 30 years in a bakery and I cultivated a love for good food and Sicilian traditions in the kitchen. The large family "forced" me to take action to cook for many people, also trying to follow an economic line that would satisfy everyone by spending as little as possible (as a good housewife and mother of a family) while trying to maintain taste and quality. As a hobby I sing in a gospel choir

Sedanini with stringy aubergines and cherry tomatoes – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Sedanini with stringy aubergines and cherry tomatoes recipe by Creativa in the kitchen

THE sedanini with stringy aubergines and cherry tomatoes it is an excellent first course, very simple to prepare, light and requiring the use of a few easy-to-find ingredients.

You can use different varieties of eggplant, for example the classic black oval eggplant, violet or the round violet. Are you curious to savor this recipe in all its goodness? Then fasten your apron and let's prepare it together!

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Difficulty: low

Cooking: 30 minutes

Preparation: 10 minutes

Flat cost: low

Doses: 2 people



pot for cooking pasta,

no stick pan,

sharp knife with smooth blade,

various cutlery.


• Wash, dry and cut into cubes, with the help of a knife with a smooth and sharp blade, the aubergine. Arrange them in the non-stick pan, greased with a few tablespoons of olive oil, a pinch of salt and bring to the stove.

Sedanini with stringy aubergines and cherry tomatoes recipe by Creativa in the kitchen

• Let them dry over medium heat.

• Wash the datterini tomatoes and coarsely cut them and add them to the aubergines. Let them wither. Stir often.

• As soon as everything is cooked, remove from the heat and set aside.

• In the meantime, blanch the pasta in lightly salted water and when it is cooked to your liking, strain it, keeping aside very little cooking water, which will dry out during creaming.

• Return to the heat, this time over low heat and add the cubes of aubergine and cherry tomatoes to the pasta and mix so that all the ingredients are well intersected.

Sedanini with stringy aubergines and cherry tomatoes recipe by Creativa in the kitchen

• Remove from the heat and stir in the Parmesan.

Sedanini with stringy aubergines and cherry tomatoes recipe by Creativa in the kitchen

• Add the mozzarella cubes and mix lightly so that it is well distributed before it melts.

Sedanini with stringy aubergines and cherry tomatoes recipe by Creativa in the kitchen

• Serve hot, with a little sauce created from melted mozzarella. If you choose other ingredients instead of mozzarella (as in the tips ▼), the sauce will not be created, so if you prefer you can add a drop of water.

• You can replace classic mozzarella with stretched curd mozzarella or smoked cheese, in order to have more time to serve, before it completely melts.

• Do not add water to the sauce, because the tomatoes and the aubergine cubes will leave their vegetable water in cooking which will be enough for cooking.

• If you prefer to give this dish a fresh note, you can add some fresh basil leaves, previously washed.

• You can prepare the aubergine and tomato sauce in advance (to be consumed within the day anyway) and reheat just before adding it to the pasta.


Degustabox of March – "MEDITERRANEAN" THEME Quick and easy recipe – Gordon Ramsay’s version

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