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Nutella Ice Cream Without Ice Cream Maker 3 Ingredients – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Nutella IceCream


Nutella IceCream

The Nutella ice cream without ice cream maker It’s a delicious dessert that can be prepared in 5 minutes and with just three ingredients. Whipping cream, condensed milk and Nutella (or other hazelnut spread).

From today you can prepare a delicious and creamy homemade Nutella ice cream in a few moves and with an amazing result. And without ice cream maker above all!

With only three ingredients – Nutella, whipped cream and condensed milk – you can create a creamy and irresistible ice cream in a few simple steps.

This fresh and sweet dessert is ideal for summer days or for a special snack, satisfying both adults and children with its unique and enveloping flavor.

Try it too because it’s worth it!

Making Nutella Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Maker It’s child’s play and the result is guaranteed: a soft and velvety ice cream that will win everyone over at the first taste.

To prevent ice crystals from forming once placed in the freezer, there is an ingredient that has the specific function of preventing the ice cream from hardening and making it creamy.

This ingredient is the condensed milk. For those who don’t know about condensed milk, it is a sort of reduction of milk and sugar, a sweet and creamy mixture that is widely used in pastry making.

Let’s immediately see the recipe for this delicacy.

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Piedmontese Stuffed Peaches – Yet another food blog – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Piedmontese Stuffed Peaches - Yet another food blog


These stuffed peaches are a traditional Piedmontese recipe that combines the sweetness of peaches with the intense flavor of amaretti and cocoa. This is my version with peaches in syrup.

Piedmontese stuffed peaches are a typical dessert of the gastronomic tradition of Piedmont, born in the countryside where peaches were a very common fruit. This simple but tasty recipe combines easily available ingredients, such as this tasty seasonal fruit, amaretti biscuits and almonds, creating a dessert with a unique flavour.

For the Piedmontese stuffed peaches recipe, yellow peaches or nectarines are usually used. Yellow peaches have firm, juicy flesh that holds its shape well during cooking, while nectarines, which are a fuzzless variety of peaches, offer a similar texture with smooth skin. These types of peaches are ideal because they do not fall apart easily during cooking and absorb the flavors of the filling well.

The variations

Authentic variations may include adding dark chocolate to the filling or flavors such as vanilla and cinnamon. In some versions, peaches are cooked in their own syrup to intensify the flavor and sweetness of the filling. In others, they are nuanced with wine.

Some modern variations include the addition of dry biscuits instead of amaretti or the use of walnuts instead of almonds. Another interesting alternative that I like to experiment with is the use of apricots, which offer a pleasant variation in taste and size… to eat in one bite!

I like to crumble a macaroon on the cooked stuffed peaches before serving and decorate with mint leaves for a contrast in color and texture. And if you also want to add a temperature contrast, you can serve them hot with a scoop of cream ice cream!

Stuffed peaches all year round

Stuffed peaches can be made at any time of the year thanks to the use of peaches in syrup*, which not only allow you to have a pantry ingredient always available, but they also reduce cooking times while maintaining the original taste.

By using peaches in syrup, in fact, the dessert is ready in a few minutes, without giving up the tradition and authentic flavor of the Piedmontese recipe.


Michelangelo Mammoliti’s barbecue spaghetti, not just a simple pasta with butter. The first delicate and creamy with 2 ingredients – Gordon Ramsay’s version

The famous BBQ spagetto by chef Michelangelo Mammoliti


The famous BBQ spagetto by chef Michelangelo Mammoliti

Barbecue spaghetti cooked using Cuneo raw ham they are the recipe prepared for Christmas by the starred chef Michelangelo Mammoliti of the La Rei Natura restaurant at Il Boscareto Resort in Serralunga d’Alba. This dish, one of the symbols of his culinary approach, combines the Piedmontese tradition with innovative techniques, offering a unique and engaging tasting experience. Barbecue spaghetti evokes the flavors of Sunday barbecues, recalling family memories through a first course elegant and sophisticated.

Barbecue spaghetti

Ingredients x 4

  • 320 g of Pastificio dei Campi selection spaghetti
  • 100 g of barbecue flavored butter
  • 800 g of Cuneo raw ham extraction
  • 80 g of crunchy raw ham from Cuneo
  • Parmigiano Reggiano to taste aged 60 months
  • Rosemary flowers to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Sarawak pepper to taste
  • Qb of charcoal powder


Start preparing barbecue spaghetti cooked using Cuneo raw ham blanching the spaghetti in salted water for just 5 minutes, even if the cooking time indicated on the package is longer. This allows you to prepare the dough for the next phase. Then transfer the spaghetti to a pan, where you will rice them with the extraction of Cuneo raw ham. Continue cooking for another 2 minutes, allowing the spaghetti to cook absorb all the flavor of ham.

Add the flavored butter to the barbecue, mixing everything well. Finish the dish by adding the crunchy raw ham from Cuneo, a sprinkling of Sarawak pepper and plentiful Mature Parmigiano Reggiano. Serve carefully and decorate with rosemary flowers and a light sprinkling of charcoal powder, which adds a surprising visual and taste touch. Your Barbecued spaghetti cooked in Cuneo raw ham extraction they are ready. Enjoy your meal.

The famous BBQ spagetto by chef Michelangelo Mammoliti




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