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Nutella and coconut truffles without cooking – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Nutella and coconut truffles without cooking

THE Nutella and coconut truffles without cooking are delicious single portion sweets made with Nutella, dry biscuits and coconut flour.

Fat-free and egg-free, these truffles are shaped like a small ball covered with coconut and are served in paper cups. Quick and easy to prepare, they also have the advantage that they do not require cooking. What more could you ask for?

They are ideal for a birthday buffet or for a children's snack or as a delicious after-dinner dessert.

Besides, they're so simple, really within everyone's reach, they are prepared in 10 minutes, then left to rest in the refrigerator for a few minutes and can be eaten immediately!

A real treat for the palate. To make these sweets you can involve your children who will be able to make the various balls and pass them back in the coconut.

When you want something sweet and not demanding, Nutella and coconut truffles are the right choice.

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Crumbled Pandoro with Cream and Nutella (Fast and delicious recipe!) – Gordon Ramsay’s version

There Crumbled Pandoro it's a delicious Christmas cake And rapid; reinterpretation of the classic version! In this case realized with leftovers of pandoro , are enough a few slices, first mashed in a pan to get a shell; then stuffed with cream and nutella in the end covered with pandoro "crumbled". A few minutes of baking in the oven and one is formed crispy crust it's a creamy heart irresistible! Poems for the taste buds! In less than half an hour on the table!

Crumbled pandoro

It's about a very easy preparation! for the realization you can use both Pandoro but also Panettone or a mix of both, what is left over. For the crumbled Pandoro cream and nutella I chose to fill with custard and tufts of Nutella a combination that I love! But you can also choose other fillings: such as Chocolate cream, Coffee cream, Spreadable pistachio cream, or white. To you the choice! The procedure does not change!

Perfect for recycle pandoro and panettone with taste and creativity just like the Rotolo di pandoro, Tartufi di pandoro and Tiramisu with pandoro; to make a luscious and effective last-minute desserts! for the Christmas holidays , New Year's, epiphany!

Crumbled pandoro recipe


Preparation Cooking Total
10 minutes 15 minutes 25 minutes


Quantity for 6 people – 1 mold of 20 cm

  • 350 grams of pandoro (or panettone)
  • 300 gr of custard
  • 7 – 8 teaspoons of Nutella
  • 1 cup of cold coffee
  • powdered sugar


How to make the crumbled pandoro

First of all, cut the pandoro into slices, but pandoro scraps and leftovers are also good.

Then insert them as a base in an openable mold and press well on the bottom and sides making sure to make a shell with an edge of 3 – 4 cm

how to make the crumbled pandoro

Then wet the base with the coffee.

Finally, mash again well, the base must be very compact otherwise the slice will not be cut well.

Finally add the cream and the nutella tufts:

stuff the crumbled pandoro

Then cover everything with the crumbled pandoro. Crush well and compact.

close the crumbled pandoro

Bake in the oven at 190 degrees for about 15 – 20 minutes.

Finally, remove from the oven and let it cool completely for at least 1 – 2 hours before cutting the slice.

Sprinkle with sugar and serve!

Here is ready Crumbled pandoro

Crumbled pandoro

You can keep it at room temperature for 1 day and a half then better put it in the fridge. But before serving, leave it at room temperature to soften the Nutella.


Christmas tree with Nutella and puff pastry: the amazing sweet version! – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Christmas tree with Nutella and puff pastry

L'Christmas tree with Nutella it's a Christmas cake greedy and rapid; variant of the salty puff pastry tree! It is realized in 10 minutes with suns 2 ingredients, that is to say: puff pastry And Nutella, which assembled together, give life to one Tree-shaped pastry filled with nutella ; where is it each diner can detach his branch greedy and is immediately party!

Christmas tree with Nutella and puff pastry

For the realization use the rectangular puff pastry, it will be easier to make the shape! for the filling you can use Nutella or any another spread with hazelnuts! The secret for the perfect success is the passage in the freezer for 15 minutes , before carving the branches! I recommend this you will need to have a solid filling that does not come out and of turn the twigs without dirtying everything! In this I have chosen to decorate with many smarties on the surface that simulate just the balls on the Christmas tree! but you can also add nothing, the result will still be amazing!

Together with the classic Panettone, the soft Pandoro, the sweet gingerbreads and the spectacular Christmas cake, theTree with puff pastry and nutella it is perfect to bring to the table like dessert at the end of the meal, parties, parties and Christmas snacks for adults and children! you can realize it well in advance, in the end keep it in the fridge And bake it at the moment!

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Recipe Christmas tree with Nutella


Preparation Cooking Total
10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes


Quantity for 8 – 10 people

  • 2 rolls of rectangular puff pastry
  • a few tablespoons of Nutella
  • smarties and sugared almonds (optional)


How to make the Nutella Christmas tree

First of all, make the shape following the step-by-step steps you find in PASTA PASTA TREE

the filling changes but the realization is identical! The only attention is spreading an even and not too double layer of Nutella and please,

before cutting the branches, place the triangle in the freezer for 15 minutes! Then follow again all the indications of the preparation that you find in the link.

Finally, bake in a static oven at 200 ° in the center of the oven, taking care to add a dripping pan on the surface of the oven that acts as a screen and will prevent the tree from burning or swelling excessively! Cook at 200 ° for the first 10 minutes then lower to 180 ° and continue cooking for another 10 minutes!

Then remove from the oven and let cool, if you like, glue the smarties on the branches with melted chocolate or simply with a hint of Nutella.

Yours is ready Christmas tree with Nutella!

Christmas tree with Nutella

It keeps perfectly 2 days at room temperature, even if it is good to consume it during the day to enjoy all its fragrance!

Instead, you can keep it in the fridge ready to cook for 2 – 3 days!


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