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How many cherries can you eat on a diet? – Gordon Ramsay’s version

How many cherries can you eat on a diet?


The cherries They are one of the most loved and appreciated fruits in the kitchen, thanks to their sweet and juicy flavor that lends itself to many preparations. But how many cherries can you eat on a diet? And what are the benefits of this delicious fruit? Let’s discover together useful tips and information to better appreciate cherries in your daily diet.

How many cherries can you eat on a diet?

Cherries are a fruit rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals essential for our body. Thanks to their low calorie content, cherries can be safely consumed even during a slimming diet. However, it is important to pay attention to the quantities to avoid excess sugar and calories.

Tips for a balanced consumption

To fully enjoy the benefits of cherries without exceeding the calories, it is advisable consume a moderate portion, which corresponds to approximately 10-12 cherries. This way, you can enjoy their sweet and fresh flavor without compromising the goals of a balanced diet.

Health Benefits

Cherries are rich in substances that are beneficial to our body, such as vitamin C, which helps strengthen the immune system, and flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In addition, cherries are rich in fiber, which aids digestion and helps maintain a sense of satiety.

Delicious ways to enjoy cherries

Cherries can be eaten fresh, but they can also be used in many sweet and savory recipes. Try them in a cherry and almond tart, or add them to a spinach and goat cheese salad for a fresh and fruity touch. Cherries also pair well with aged cheeses and cured meats, creating unique and irresistible contrasts of flavors.

Cherries are a versatile and tasty fruit that can be enjoyed in many ways during a balanced diet. With moderate and conscious consumption, you can enjoy the benefits of this delicious fruit without compromising your health. Enjoy your meal!


What to substitute for bresaola – MoltoFood – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Carbonara when it was invented


When talking about Substitutions in the kitchen, the bresaola represents an interesting topic. This lean cured meat, appreciated for its delicate taste and its nutritional qualities, is a versatile ingredient, protagonist of many traditional Italian dishes and beyond. Finding a suitable substitute can seem like a challenge, especially for those who are looking for alternatives that can come as close as possible both in terms of taste what of textureThe question of what to replace bresaola arises not only for reasons of availability or food preferencesbut also for the desire to explore new culinary options. It is therefore important to address this issue with a professional approach, considering all possible alternatives that can satisfy the needs of cooking and food and wine enthusiasts.

What to substitute for bresaola?

The search for a substitute for bresaola can take different directions depending on the nutritional needs and of the personal tastes. For those who do not wish to stray too far from the world of cured meats, an excellent alternative could be the beef carpaccio. This, although it requires cooking (albeit very lightly), can offer a rich flavor and texture similar to bresaola, especially when seasoned with oil, lemon, and parmesan shavings.

For vegetarians, however, an interesting option can be represented by smoked aubergines. Thinly sliced ​​and grilled or smoked, they can be a surprisingly tasty alternative. Their rich flavor and texture can be reminiscent of bresaola, especially when paired with similar condiments.

In case you are looking for a vegan alternative, the seitan can be a valid choice. Thanks to its versatility, it can be flavored in ways that recall the taste of bresaola, thus becoming the protagonist of cold dishes and salads.

For those looking for something completely different, but still offering a new taste experience, the Portobello mushrooms Raw, thinly sliced ​​and marinated, they can be an interesting discovery. Their earthy flavor and meaty texture provide an excellent base for salads and cold appetizers.

In short, the options for replacing bresaola are numerous and varied, able to satisfy a wide range of needs and preferences. As we have seen, exploring alternatives can turn into a stimulating culinary adventure, which opens the doors to new combinations and flavors. For those interested in discovering how to use bresaola creatively, you can find inspiration in the recipe of bresaola rolls available here, or explore the idea of Tortelloni with bresaola by consulting this page.


Chocolate salami cake (delicious and very quick) – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Chocolate salami cake


There Chocolate salami cake it’s a cold sweet And without cooking very delicious! The version cake-shaped of the classic chocolate salami and biscuits . Very few ingredients are enough to mix together, insert them into the die and finally let it firm up in the fridge. He slice by slice his dark taste along with its texture soft to crispy traitsit will truly conquer everyone!

Chocolate salami cake

The great thing is that you will actually employ 10 minutes of preparation Since eggs are pasteurized in a few seconds in the saucepan where melts the chocolate! in short, not only is it very easy but also super fast! Only attention, the rest for a few hours in the fridge, so that the chocolate salami cake takes its shape, can be turned out and cut perfectly! In this case I chose to decorate it with one dusting of cocoa bitter and chopped hazelnutsbut they work great too tufts of cream! Perfect not only when you don’t want to turn on the ovenFor recycle biscuits that are left over in the pantry for one snack fresh. Its beauty also makes it ideal as a wonderful cake birthday as an alternative to a delicious ice cream cake for the summer season!

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Chocolate salami cake recipe


Preparation Cooking Total
10 minutes + 3 – 4 hours of rest in the fridge 0 minutes 10 minutes

Cost Kitchen Calories
Bass Italian 433 Kcal


Quantity for 6 people – one 20cm cake tin

  • 200 g of dry biscuits
  • 250g dark chocolate (or 150g dark, 100g milk or kinder)
  • 100 g of sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 20 g of butter
  • 1 shot glass of rum (or filtered orange juice)
  • bitter cocoa powder to complete + chopped hazelnuts


How to make chocolate salami cake

First of all, whisk the eggs with the sugar and set aside.

Then in a dark saucepan, cut the chocolate into flakes with the butter over a low heat, add the whipped eggs, turn over a very low heat for 5 minutes so that they pasteurise.

Finally, set the mixture aside to cool. If you want to speed up the process, put it in the fridge.

In the meantime, weigh the biscuits and break them with your hands, do not crumble them too much, so that they can be visible inside the cake.

Finally take out the chocolate mixture, it must be soft, fresh and not excessively liquid, add the liqueur or orange, mix and finally add on the biscuits

add the liqueur or frozen orange juice little by little, mixing with a hand whisk. Then pour the mixture into the broken biscuits.

mix the dry biscuits with the chocolate mixture - Chocolate salami recipe

Mix quickly with a spoon without crumbling too much and sprinkle a springform pan with cocoa:

chocolate salami cake mold

pour the mixture, flatten the surface well and leave in the fridge for at least 3 – 4 hours.

Once the indicated time has passed, remove the cake from the fridge and, using a knife, saw off the edges so as to detach them from the walls.

Then, using a sharp knife, remove the base and transfer the chocolate salami cake onto a serving tray.

Add perfectly sifted bitter cocoa to the surface and some chopped hazelnuts along the edge

Here is your cake ready Chocolate salami

chocolate salami cake recipe

Variations and Tips

To speed up preparation, place the mold in the freezer for 40 minutes, this way it will be ready to serve in less time!

If you want to make it even more delicious, serve with a layer of chocolate ganache on the top

For the intolerant or simply a lighter version, you can make one Eggless chocolate salami cake following the procedure found in Cold cake

Finally, with the same round shape you can create a tasty pistachio or white chocolate variant


You can keep your chocolate salami cake in the fridge for 2 days, then it is better to proceed with freezing.

I then recommend keeping it in the fridge to allow it to defrost gradually.

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