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Rice Salad, Locatelli’s Tricks to Make It Perfect. Always Follow the Rule of Three and You’ll Never Go Wrong – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Locatelli rice salad


Undisputed queen of summer tables, the rice salad can be transformed into a refined gourmet dish with a few tricks. Rice salad is a fresh solution, easy to prepare and perfect to keep in the refrigerator for a few days. However, it can be heavy if you do not choose the right ingredients and if you do not follow some simple tricks. If you want to revolutionize your idea of ​​rice salad, here are five tips to make it truly unforgettable. Choosing the rice is essential for a perfect rice salad. Opt for varieties that hold up well to cooking, such as Carnaroli or Arborio.

If you are looking for an interesting alternative, Venere rice, with its long and thin shape, it can be an excellent choice. For salads with seafood, try Basmati, whose unique flavor can add an exotic touch to the dish. Make sure the rice you choose maintains a firm texture and does not become sticky. One of the most common problems with rice salad is the sticky consistency of the grains. To avoid this, follow these steps carefully. cooking times indicated on the package and do not exceed 15 minutes. Do not rinse the rice under cold water because it would remove the starch, but spread the grains on a tray and fluff them with a fork.

To cool them quickly, you can place the tray in a sink filled with cold water, similar to a double boiler in reverse. To avoid overloading the rice salad, apply the rule of three: use a maximum of three ingredients in addition to the rice. This will prevent the dish from becoming too rich and heavy. You can choose combinations such as fresh vegetables, olives and cheese cubes, or tuna, cherry tomatoes and Tropea onion.

If you want a ready-made dressing, consider options that include wholesome vegetables, tuna steaks and a tasty sauce made from tomatoes and herbs. The use of mayonnaise in rice salad is a matter of debate. If you decide to add it, do so a day or two after preparation and only if you are sure the salad will be consumed quickly. Mayonnaise can alter the flavors and textures of the dish if stored too long.

Therefore, avoid adding it to freshly prepared salad if you plan to store it for several days. Rice salad should be consumed at room temperature, immediately after removing from the refrigerator. Leave cool naturally the rice before seasoning it and, once seasoned, store it in the refrigerator for no more than three days. Before serving it, remove it from the refrigerator at least half an hour before, to allow the flavors to develop at their best. Now you are ready to make a perfect rice salad.

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Locatelli rice salad




How to reduce food waste: practical guide – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Zero impact: tips for more sustainable cooking


The food waste it is a widespread problem throughout the world, with enormous consequences on the environment and the economy. Reducing food waste is not only an ethical action, but also a way to save money and make the most of the ingredients we use in the kitchen. In this practical guide for beginners, we will explore some effective strategies for reducing food waste and maximizing food use in the kitchen.

Use leftovers creatively

1. Recycle recipes

When we find ourselves with food scraps in the refrigerator, instead of throwing them away we can transform them into delicious recycled recipes. For example, stale bread can become crunchy croutons or delicious croutons for salads and soups. Leftover vegetables can be used to prepare a tasty minestrone or a colorful omelette. Experiment with the ingredients you have available and let your creativity run wild in the kitchen.

2. Freeze leftovers

If you’ve prepared too much food, don’t hesitate to freeze the leftovers for later. Soups, sauces and meat dishes keep well in the freezer and can be defrosted quickly for a quick and tasty meal. Make sure you use freezer-safe containers and clearly label foods to avoid confusion.

Optimize food storage

1. Organizing the refrigerator

Proper organization of your refrigerator can help you reduce food waste. Keep more perishable foods, such as meat and fish, in the coldest part of the refrigerator and place ready-to-eat foods, such as yogurt and salads, high up. Use airtight containers to store fresh food and avoid overloading the refrigerator, to promote proper air circulation.

2. Expiration date

Learn to read and interpret expiration dates on foods carefully. Many times, foods can also be consumed after the indicated dateas long as they are stored properly and show no signs of deterioration. Use the “check before you throw away” method to avoid throwing away food that is still perfectly edible.

Reducing food waste is a goal within everyone’s reach, which only requires a little attention and creativity in the kitchen. Make the most of the ingredients you have available, organize your refrigerator efficiently and learn to manage leftovers intelligently. With small daily gestures, we can help reduce food waste and make the most of our meals.


Rustic chic table: an elegant and natural setup – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Rustic chic table: an elegant and natural setup


If there’s one trend that’s taken the culinary world by storm in recent years, it’s definitely that of rustic chic table. This style of display, which combines natural elements and timeless elegance, has won the hearts of chefs and gastronomy enthusiasts around the world. But how to create a rustic chic table that is elegant and natural at the same time? Here are some tips for a setup that will surely impress your guests.

The choice of natural elements

When it comes to creating a rustic chic table setting, choosing natural elements is key. Opt for tablecloths in raw linen or natural cotton, which will give a rustic and elegant touch to your table. To complete the setup, you can add centerpieces made with fresh flowers or eucalyptus branches, which will give a touch of freshness and nature to the environment.

Tablecloths in raw linen or natural cotton

Centerpiece with fresh flowers or eucalyptus branches

The choice of cutlery and glassware

To complete the setting of your rustic chic table, it is important to pay attention to the choice of cutlery and glassware. Opt for cutlery with a simple and rustic design, perhaps in stainless steel or wood, which will integrate perfectly with the natural style of your table. As for glassware, you can opt for glasses with a classic and transparent design, which will give a touch of elegance and refinement to your setup.

Cutlery in stainless steel or wood

Glasses with a classic and transparent design

Creating a rustic chic table that is elegant and natural is not difficult if you follow a few simple tips. Carefully choose the natural elements that will make up the setup, from the tablecloth to the centerpiece, and pay attention to the choice of cutlery and glassware. With a little creativity and good taste, you will be able to create a unique and unforgettable atmosphere for your guests.

Here are some perfect recipes to create a rustic environment


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