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Nutella Ice Cream Without Ice Cream Maker 3 Ingredients – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Nutella IceCream


Nutella IceCream

The Nutella ice cream without ice cream maker It’s a delicious dessert that can be prepared in 5 minutes and with just three ingredients. Whipping cream, condensed milk and Nutella (or other hazelnut spread).

From today you can prepare a delicious and creamy homemade Nutella ice cream in a few moves and with an amazing result. And without ice cream maker above all!

With only three ingredients – Nutella, whipped cream and condensed milk – you can create a creamy and irresistible ice cream in a few simple steps.

This fresh and sweet dessert is ideal for summer days or for a special snack, satisfying both adults and children with its unique and enveloping flavor.

Try it too because it’s worth it!

Making Nutella Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Maker It’s child’s play and the result is guaranteed: a soft and velvety ice cream that will win everyone over at the first taste.

To prevent ice crystals from forming once placed in the freezer, there is an ingredient that has the specific function of preventing the ice cream from hardening and making it creamy.

This ingredient is the condensed milk. For those who don’t know about condensed milk, it is a sort of reduction of milk and sugar, a sweet and creamy mixture that is widely used in pastry making.

Let’s immediately see the recipe for this delicacy.

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Luca Natalini’s famous white pasta, super creamy with the secret of the teaspoon of honey. Unique in the world and very good – Gordon Ramsay’s version

La famosa pasta in bianco di Luca Natalini


White pasta it is an emotional memory that unites families all over the world, often prepared simply with butter or oil. Luca Natalinifrom the Autem by Luca Natalini restaurant in Langhirano, has reinvented this iconic dish for the Primo Piatto dei Campi 2020 initiative, with a touch of elegance and refinement. His version involves the addition of rice vinegar, plum vermouth and acacia honey, creating a balance of flavors and textures that transforms a simple dish into a gastronomic experience unforgettable. You absolutely must try it.

White pasta


  • 80 g of spaghetti from Pastificio dei Campi
  • 30 g of plum vermouth
  • 28 g of rice vinegar
  • 7 g organic acacia honey
  • 0.1 g Tellicherry pepper
  • 33 g Normandy butter
  • 120 g of bay leaf broth and toasted almonds


The first thing to do to prepare this White pasta is to cook the spaghetti in the bay leaf and almond broth for 8 minutes, so that they absorb all the aromas. Meanwhile, prepare in a large pan the other ingredients: plum vermouth, rice vinegar, acacia honey and Tellicherry pepper. When the spaghetti are almost ready, drain them and transfer them to the pan, leaving them to cook for others 2 minutes.

During this final phase, mix the spaghetti well with the other ingredients to blend the flavors. Add the butter of Normandy and stir until you obtain a creamy consistency. Season with salt if necessary. Serve immediately piping hot. Your White pasta ready. This modern reinterpretation of a classic is a perfect example of how simplicity can be transformed into culinary excellence. Enjoy your meal!


Savory pie with courgettes (Basic recipe + variations) – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Savory pie with courgettes


Savory pie with courgettes

The savory pie with courgettes is a tasty and super easy rustic pie; made with a puff pastry shell and a filling that can be assembled in 5 minutes, all raw and made of layers of sliced ​​courgettes, cooked ham, scamorza and more! Imagine it golden, with a crunchy edge, stringy inside. Amazing goodness […]

The article Savory pie with courgettes (Basic recipe + variations) comes from Tavolartegusto.it.


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