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Tart with ricotta and Nutella – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Tart with ricotta and Nutella

There tart with ricotta and Nutella is a delicious shortcrust pastry, filled with a soft heart of Nutella and covered with a soft ricotta cream. A tart that is easy to prepare and within everyone's reach.

A sweet of sure success on which you can always count because it is generally very popular with young and old. Ideal to carry for one dinner with friends, excellent for breakfast or as a snack.

The combination of Nutella and ricotta is always a winner and you will see that this tart won't last long!

Ricotta makes desserts soft and delicious, not only is it used to fill pies or biscuits but also to make classic donuts.

For the success of the recipe we recommend using the ricotta from the trays, which is much creamier and less watery than the classic farmer's fresh ricotta.

There tart with ricotta and Nutella it can be kept in the refrigerator for up to three days.

Let's see the recipe immediately!

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Sweet ravioli with ricotta and chocolate chips quick and easy recipe – Gordon Ramsay’s version

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Sweet ravioli with ricotta and chocolate drops: In Sicily they are called Cassatelle, In Basilicata Calzoncelli, In the north of Italy Sweet ravioli, are very similar to each other. The sweet ravioli are among the most popular sweets among the Carnival recipes: fried stuffed sweets, as for the "Cassatelle ", with sheep ricotta and chocolate chips, but sweet ravioli can be filled with your favorite jam, figs or dried figs and walnuts are often used. Below I propose two versions, with strawberry jam and with ricotta and chocolate chips. I made various shapes, the classic one is square or half-moon, I decided to also make hearts so that you can use this recipe also for Valentine's day!

Ingredients for about 25 ravioli

For the dough

  • 250 grams of flour 00
  • 50 gr of butter
  • 15 grams of sugar
  • 100 gr of milk
  • 1 egg
  • a pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of limoncello (or other liqueur: Strega, Marsala ..)
  • grated zest of half a lemon


  • sheep ricotta
  • 100 grams of powdered sugar
  • 50 grams of chocolate chips
  • grated zest of 1/2 lemon


VIDEO RECIPE Sweet Ravioli

How to prepare sweet ravioli with ricotta and chocolate chips


Prepare the dough by putting the flour in a bowl, put the sugar in the center, then the softened butter cut into small pieces and the beaten egg, mix everything with a fork, add a pinch of salt, milk and finally the liquor.

Mix everything then pour onto a lightly floured work surface, compact everything and knead the dough with your hands for 5 minutes. It must be a smooth dough. We leave it to rest for 10 minutes covered with film.

In the meantime, prepare the ricotta filling: add the icing sugar and grated lemon zest to the sifted ricotta, mix with a whisk or with a fork and finally add the chocolate chips.

Take the dough, divide it into 3 or 4 parts and roll it out with a rolling pin or with the machine to roll out the sheets. Create rectangles on which you place piles of stuffing, fold the sheet lengthwise closing it like a book, cut the ravioli with a wheel or with a cookie cutter / pastry cutter. Squeeze firmly on the edges.You can also use the tines of a fork to close.

Put a pan on the stove and heat the peanut oil well, the oil will be hot enough when putting a piece of dough it will sizzle immediately creating a little foam. We fry a few pieces at a time and turn over after 1-2 minutes of cooking. They will be cooked as soon as they reach a nice golden color.

We add powdered sugar and serve.

N.B. For it colored powdered sugar just put a spoonful of powdered sugar in a food bag and add a little (the tip of a teaspoon) of liquid or gel red food coloring (to get the red or pink color), close the bag and put the bag between your hands, rub your palms. After a few moments the sugar will already take on a nice pink color.

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Sweet ravioli with ricotta and chocolate drops

Sweet ravioli with ricotta and chocolate chips "style =" width: 640px;

Enjoy your meal!


Wholemeal pasta with pepper cream, salted ricotta and pine nuts (delicious!) – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Wholemeal pasta with pepper cream

Wholemeal pasta with pepper cream, ricotta salata And Pine nuts, it's a first course exquisite, variant from the classic Pasta with pepper cream; in this case seasoned not only with the roasted pepper cream, Pureed with oil, salt and basil; but with addition flakes of salted ricotta, toasted pine nuts And fresh basil; than one once mixed together with the hot pasta, will form a sauce even more creamy with gods stretches of crunchy! A combination of perfumes And watering flavors that wrap the wholemeal fusilli!

Wholemeal pasta with pepper cream For the simple and very fast preparation, you can use peppers of your choice, Red and yellow or 1 type only. I chose Barilla wholemeal fusilli, a 100% Italian wheat pasta format with a full-bodied texture, which perfectly holds cooking by retaining any sauce! trust me they are special! Excellent hot or lukewarm for all occasions, from a quick lunch at a family dinner, prepare it early with the end of season peppers and you will feel the goodness! PREPARATION TIMES

Preparation Cooking Total
20 minutes 20 minutes 40 minutes


Quantity for 4 people
  • 320 gr of Barilla wholemeal Fusilli
  • 1 large red pepper
  • 1 large yellow pepper
  • fresh basil
  • 80 gr of salted ricotta, not too hard but semi-seasoned
  • 30 gr of pine nuts
  • salt
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • pepper (optional)


How to make wholemeal pasta with pepper cream

First, prepare the Pepper Cream.

The only difference, instead of parsley, use basil:

Peppers cream for pasta

Set aside.

Then weigh the pasta and heat the pasta water with coarse salt.

how to make wholemeal pasta with pepper cream

Finally lower it when it comes to a boil, drain it a couple of minutes before directly in the pepper cream that you put on the fire a few seconds before. Let the pasta reduce until it is perfectly al dente. Correct the salt, add a little more oil, stirring it over the heat.

Finally add the salted ricotta in chunks, the pine nuts previously toasted in a pan for a couple of minutes. Serve on a diner with basil leaves!

Yours is ready Wholemeal pasta with pepper cream

Wholemeal pasta with pepper cream

You can keep 1 day if you are cooked al dente!


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