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Classic meat sauce – great for all types of pasta – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Classic meat sauce - great for all types of pasta

The Classic meat sauce excellent for dressing all types of pasta, is a basic sauce that usually accompanies dishes such as pasta or polenta. The term comes from the French and means "awaken the appetite". The ragù is actually a simple recipe but it takes longer, so consider at least an hour between preparation and cooking.

Precisely for this reason the advice is to prepare a good amount so you can freeze it and stock up for many portions!

The meat sauce it is one of those recipes of which there are infinite variations from region to region, which then everyone can customize to their taste. From north to south of Italy we can find infinite variations of this delicious condiment: the most famous is certainly the Bolognese sauce, then there is the Tuscan, the Abruzzese, the Neapolitan and the Sicilian ones! However, the common denominator that unites all is good meat and good tomatoes.

We prepare a classic version, excellent for dressing tagliatelle, lasagna or cannelloni or simple spaghetti!

Let's see the recipe immediately.

spaghetti with tomato sauce

Classic meat sauce – great for all types of pasta


  • About 150 mixed vegetables for sautéing (carrot, celery, onion)
  • 600 g ground beef (or half beef and half pork)
  • 1 sausage
  • half a glass of red wine
  • 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 bottle of tomato puree
  • 1 large spoonful of tomato paste
  • salt
  • pepper
  • meat cube (optional)

  1. In a pan with high sides and a thick bottom, fry the chopped herbs (carrot, celery, onion) together with the oil until golden.
  2. At this point add the minced meat and the crumbled sausage, without the skin.
  3. Cook over medium heat (stirring occasionally) until the meat sizzles and its water has evaporated.
  4. If necessary, mash the meat with a fork to make it uniform.
  5. Once browned, season with salt and pepper and add the red wine.
  6. Let it evaporate without a lid to evaporate the alcohol.
  7. After the wine has evaporated completely, add the tomato puree and the concentrate, dilute with a little water.
  8. Also add a teaspoon of granular nut and cook the sauce with the lid on for about 50 minutes, over low heat, stirring occasionally to prevent it from sticking.
  9. The sauce will be ready when the fat of the meat is well surfaced and the sauce well congealed.
  10. Once ready you can use it immediately to add it to your pasta!
  11. Enjoy your meal
  12. If you have made a good quantity of it, you can very well freeze it, obviously once it has cooled down.

Recipe of baked polenta

Homemade frozen fried cubes – smart idea


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Linguine with sauce and tuna – Creative in the kitchen – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Linguine sauce and tuna recipe from Creativa in the kitchen

Linguine sauce and tuna recipe from Creativa in the kitchen

Linguine with sauce and tuna, a very simple and quick recipe to prepare but very tasty. The taste of tuna combined with the scents of the earth makes this first course very appetizing. This recipe provides 305 calories every 100 grams.

Very few ingredients are needed to make this first course that everyone will really like! Other alternatives? Spaghetti with tuna and olives or Trofie with tuna and cherry tomatoes first courses, easy and quick to prepare, light but really very tasty.

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Difficulty: low

Cooking: 10 minutes

Preparation: 5 minutes

Flat cost: bass

Doses: 2 people



pot for cooking pasta,

non-stick saucepan,


• Boil the water in a pot with a handful of salt.

• Meanwhile, lightly brown the whole garlic clove in a saucepan over low heat with a drizzle of olive oil.

Linguine sauce and tuna recipe from Creativa in the kitchen

• As soon as the garlic is lightly browned, pour the white wine and let it evaporate for a few minutes.

• Continue cooking over low heat and add the tomato puree and a pinch of salt. Cook for a few minutes. If needed, add a little water.

Linguine sauce and tuna recipe from Creativa in the kitchen

• Add the drained tuna, continue cooking for a few minutes and remove from the heat.

Linguine sauce and tuna recipe from Creativa in the kitchen

• In the meantime, cook the linguine for the time indicated on the package and when they are al dente, strain them, leaving very little cooking water, which will help to mix everything.

• Add the sauce to the pasta, bring to the heat and whisk for a few minutes, until everything is well blended.

• Serve and serve hot, with a sprinkling of chopped parsley.

Linguine sauce and tuna recipe from Creativa in the kitchen

• The tuna must be added shortly before finishing cooking. Otherwise you risk the tuna becoming too pulpy.

• Given the creaming of the pasta in the sauce, you will have to cook and strain it just before it is al dente. In this way you will avoid that it is overcooked at the end of cooking.


Coleen’s Recipes: JELLIED CRANBERRY-APPLE SAUCE by Gordon Ramsay



This is a recipe for those jellied cranberry sauce purists out there. It has only four ingredients, PLUS it couldn’t be easier to make. My picky-picky husband loves 100% jellied cranberry sauce, but it is a little too tart for me.

With the addition of a couple of medium sized Gala apples…..that “pucker-tart” cranberry taste is mellowed just enough…it is perfect…..and picky-picky husband likes it too!! 

Whether you make half a recipe or a double a recipe, this is quick and easy. Did you know you can freeze jellied cranberry sauce?  I just put the leftover sauce in the freezer. No need to defrost a big old container of it since it never really freezes hard, you can just take a scoop out and leave the rest in the freezer (GREAT tip for us empty nesters!!)

Simple Ingredients:
12 ounces (3 cups) fresh cranberries (frozen is OK)

2 medium size Gala apples (cored but NOT peeled)

1 1/4 cups granulated sugar
1 cup water

Wash and sort the berries, throwing away any light pink or mushy ones. If I’m using frozen cranberries, I don’t even thaw them.

Core (but don’t peel) 2 medium sized Gala apples. Chop fine in the food processor.

Put the cranberries, chopped apples, sugar and water in a heavy pot and bring to a boil(cover cooking cranberries with a splatter screen to reduce any mess). After it boils for a minute or so, turn the heat WAY DOWN to just a MILD simmer and cook for 20 minutes (stirring occasionally). 

After 20 minutes, remove from heat and use something like the back of a spoon to PRESS the berries through a strainer and into a bowl. It takes a few minutes, but just keep pressing until all you have left, in the strainer, is skins and seeds (throw that part away). 

Stir, the strained cranberry sauce,then chill in the fridge; sauce will thicken as it cools.

ENJOY !!! 


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