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Soft tart (with clever mould) the basic recipe step by step – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Soft tart

There Soft tart it’s a basic sweet recipe simple and versatile; made with a dough similar to that of a cake which cooks in the typical way clever tart moldfrom which we obtain a soft base And concave in the centerideal from stuff to taste with custard, chocolate cream, ganache, namelaka, mascarpone cream; that you can to decorate with fresh fruit, dry, grains; in this way they can be achieved many types Of Soft tarts And Quick stuffed cakes.

Soft tart

TO difference of the classic tart, it is one easier preparation And quickit will be enough whip the ingredients in 5 minutes . Attention to the realization is the clever mold is essentialthe one with the classic rise in the center so that the central cavity typical characteristic of Soft tart. Once cooked, let cool before filling! With this soft base you can achieve infinite versions , from the choreographic fruit tart, a delicious chocolate tart, the Lindt milk cake; a pistachio tart, the wonderful Kinder bueno cake! Perfect to present on the table as dessert at the end of the meal, for more special occasions! or also birthday cake!

Soft tart recipe


Preparation Cooking Total
10 minutes 15 minutes 25 minutes


Quantity for a 28cm tart mold

  • 150 g of ’00 flour
  • 130 g of sugar
  • 100 ml of milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 80 ml of sunflower seed oil (or equal quantity of melted butter)
  • vanilla (1 sachet or a spoonful of extract)
  • 8 g of baking powder for desserts


How to make a soft tart

First of all, whisk the eggs with sugar and vanilla in a bowl, stirring constantly, add oil, milk, finally flour and sifted yeast, until you obtain a fluid mixture.

Then butter and flour a craft mold and pour the mixture:

Finally, cook in a hot static oven at 180° for about 20 – 25 minutes on the medium side.

When tested with a toothpick it must be dry!

Then remove from the oven and after allowing to cool for a few minutes in the pan, remove from the mold and leave to cool completely on a wire rack.

when it will be completely there Soft tart it will be ready to fill!

soft tart recipe

I leave you some ideas for filling with sweet creams of your choice

Can I make a soft chocolate tart?

Yes, for the base just use 110 g of 00 flour + 40 g of bitter cocoa powder)

Once cooled, you can keep your soft tart for 3 – 4 days well sealed in cling film, the first day even at room temperature, then better in the fridge.

Soft lemon donuts – Recipes on the fly – Gordon Ramsay’s version

soft lemon donuts

soft lemon donuts

The soft lemon donuts they are a delicious and fragrant dessert appreciated for its lightness and fresh, citrus taste. These donuts they are a perfect combination of softness and fragrancewhich makes them irresistible for any sweets enthusiast.

Preparing the donuts is very simple and does not require much effort. What will make the difference, however, is the donut mold: you will amaze everyone!

The scent that spreads during cooking soft lemon donuts it is enveloping, anticipating the delicious taste that is revealed at the first bite.

Soft lemon donuts are a great choice for breakfast or the snack, perhaps accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee. Their circular shape and intense flavor also make them perfect to be offered during moments of sharing, such as birthday parties or meetings with friends.

Also excellent for breakfast at school of your children.

Try the recipe for these soft lemon donutsand you will have the pleasure of tasting a delicate and fragrant dessert, capable of conquering the palate with its simplicity and goodness.

soft lemon donuts
soft lemon donuts

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Chocolate sponge cake, recipe to make it very soft – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Very soft chocolate sponge cake

How to make chocolate sponge cake

Follow the steps in the video to make the chocolate sponge cake very soft!

A variant of the traditional Italian sponge cake is the one al chocolate or cocoa, loved by those who love chocolatey desserts and by those who want a very easy and quick cake that is without butter, without oil and without yeast! A planetary mixer is of great help in this case because you have to whip the eggs with the sugar for about 15 minutes, but if you have a normal mixer, it will work fine. Ready to make a very soft chocolate sponge cake?


  • 6 eggs (350 g net weight)
  • 200 g of sugar
  • 180 of 00 flour
  • 40 g of bitter cocoa
  • A vanilla pod
  • A pinch of salt

Preparation: 15-20 minutes

Cooking: 45 minutes in a static oven, 170 degrees

Here’s a quick overview of the ingredients you’ll need. For exact quantities and detailed instructions, also find the recipe card above. To obtain optimal results, we recommend following the recipe as it was written and shown in the video by Cucina Geek’s grandmother.

Egg: use large eggs at room temperature. Take them out of the refrigerator 45-60 minutes before starting. If you’re short on time, soak whole eggs in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes. It is not necessary to separate the egg whites from the yolks: the recipe requires the use of whole eggs.

Sugar: The recipe calls for the use of granulated white sugar. If desired, you can replace it with superfine granulated sugar.

Flour: use 00 flour. If you find a flour for desserts and cakes in the shop, go ahead and get it: it contains less gluten and will allow you to obtain a very soft and fluffy cake. But try to avoid self-rising flour!

Vanilla: Vanilla pod is better but it costs a lot. Alternatively add ½ teaspoon of vanilla, almond or coconut extract. If you want a slightly citrus flavor, add some orange blossom water and citrus zest. Alternatively, give your cake a romantic touch by using rose water to create a perfect Valentine’s treat.

Cocoa: Make sure it’s bitter and add a little more like we did so that the chocolate flavor comes through and isn’t light brown.Very soft chocolate sponge cake

Why prepare a chocolate sponge cake

The recipe is so easy that it is suitable for everyone, even those who don’t often make cakes. This makes this recipe truly suitable for everyone, even beginners!

It is perfect as a dessert for afternoon coffee or as a base for the preparation of numerous desserts, from a simple layered cake for birthdays or anniversaries to a spectacular wedding cake. Being chocolate, it is less “simple” than classic sponge cake, so even alone with a little whipped cream or just icing sugar, it is delicious and not at all banal. It’s worth learning the basic recipe because a whole new world opens up. You can prepare cassate, zuccotti or the famous English soup.

The basic recipe for chocolate sponge cake can be modified and customized as you wish: You could flavor it or make it gluten-free!Grandma's recipe for chocolate sponge cake

Trick for a very soft chocolate sponge cake

The main trick is to whisk the eggs with the sugar well for about 15 minutes. The mixture must be frothy and clear. Then add the other ingredients gradually and finally the well-sifted powders. Another fundamental trick will be to use the spatula from bottom to top. If you follow these steps well, the yeast will not be needed and in fact the traditional sponge cake recipe does not include it. It will come out tall and soft with Cucina Geek’s grandmother’s recipe.

Compared to the doses of a normal cocoa sponge cake, we add a little more bitter cocoa because the chocolate sponge cake must have a nice intense brown color and we like the cocoa to be very noticeable.

Does yeast go into chocolate sponge cake? No. Be wary of recipes that include yeast. Without the use of yeast or leavening agents, the air and softness are obtained by whisking the eggs with the sugar for a long time. The secret to obtaining a perfect sponge cake is to incorporate and develop plenty of air to prevent the cake from deflating during cooking.cocoa sponge cake for cakes

Stuffed chocolate sponge cake

If you want to make your chocolate sponge cake even more delicious, fill it with chocolate cream or homemade Nutella. We cut it in half and put it in the middle and around it. We cut the top part and crumble it on top as we do with a mimosa cake, the effect is beautiful and very easy to replicate. If you want to add cream, buy 250g of whipping cream and put it in the middle and on top with a piping bag.

There are many alternatives for filling a chocolate sponge cake: apricot jam to recall the taste of Sacher, whipped cream, custard, Chantilly cream, chocolate ganache…Filled chocolate sponge cake

Tips for the best chocolate sponge cake

  • Do not overbeat the egg and sugar mixture: Max 12-15 minutes. Otherwise, the sponge cake will crumble when cutting.
  • Keep the oven door closed until the end of cooking. The general rule is not to open the oven door for at least the first 30 minutes of cooking. Otherwise, the cake will deflate.
  • Adjust the baking time if the cake is too dark on the outside but not yet perfectly cooked on the inside.
  • Cut the sponge cake with a long serrated knife, nylon thread or a cake level.
  • If you want to go ahead and prepare the cake in advance: Prepare the cake a day or two in advance if you plan to cut and decorate it. Wrap it in plastic wrap (or cling film) and place it in the fridge.the best chocolate sponge cake

Storing and freezing chocolate sponge cake

To conserve – cover the cooked and well-cooled chocolate sponge cake with transparent film and place it in an airtight container at room temperature for a couple of days.

To freeze – wrap the cake in cling film, then place it in a freezing bag and freeze it for up to 1 month. Thaw the cake in the refrigerator overnight or at room temperature for a few hours.

What to do with chocolate sponge cake

The airy Italian chocolate sponge cake is a light dessert with a unique and soft texture. This distinguishes it from other desserts that use butter, oil or other ingredients that make a chocolate cake moist.

However, this dry consistency characteristic allows it to absorb any liquid you choose to douse it with, from simple sugar syrup to fruit, alcohol or coffee. Even the light sweetness of fruit juice or milk goes perfectly with the chocolate sponge cake.

If you want to try another excellent recipe as a base for cakes, take a look at the paradise cake recipe, otherwise chiffon cake is also an excellent idea if you like simple, soft and tall desserts.

Very soft chocolate sponge cake

Sponge Cake With Chocolate

Very soft, tall and with an intense brown colour, this is how a good chocolate sponge cake should be. Delicious even just with icing sugar on top. Follow the traditional recipe without yeast! We make it in a planetary mixer but a mixer would be fine.

Preparation 20 minutes

Cooking 45 minutes

Scope sweets

Kitchen Italian cuisine

Portions 5

Calories 350 kcal

  • Planetarium

  • 24cm baking tray

  • 6 egg
  • 200 gr sugar
  • 180 gr 00 flour
  • 40 gr bitter cocoa
  • vanilla pod
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • put the eggs in the bowl of the planetary mixer (alternatively in a bowl if you use the mixer) mix the eggs at medium speed, increase the speed and add the sugar

  • Whip the eggs with the sugar for 15 minutes

  • add a pinch of salt and vanilla

  • Add the cocoa to the flour and mix, no yeast is needed. Sift twice

  • Grease the 24cm baking dish with butter

  • Preheat the oven to 170 degrees static oven

  • Add the flour in 3 steps and mix with a spatula from bottom to top

  • Pour the mixture into the pan

  • Bake at 170 degrees in a static oven for 45 minutes

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