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Black forest cake (Original illustrated recipe) by Tavolartegusto – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Cocoa sponge cake for Black Forest Cake


There Black forest cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte) it’s a Sweet layered, majestic and delicious originally from Germany, appreciated all over the world! It is made with a base of Sponge Cake With Chocolatesoaked with bagna al Kirsch (cherry liqueur) filled with cream mounted and cherries which also garnish the surface! To complete, chocolate decorations in scales, which symbolically represent how much it is sharp pain And darkthe ‘black forest or themountainous area Baden Wurttemberg, Germany; place where it is said that the dessert was born and from which it takes its name from which literally means: Black Forest Cherry Cake . Isn’t she magnificent? Today I’ll explain how to prepare it at home in a manner simple!

It’s good to say that they exist different versions. For example the Italian variant And Austrian is prepared with Cherries in Syrup. The one I give you today is the Original recipe of the Black Forest Cake, accompanied by many tricks illustrated with step by step photos to have a perfect result ; which I learned to make during a professional pastry making course. The great thing is that you can make the black forest dessert either in summer with fresh caramelized cherries as tradition dictates. Let it be winter with those in jars (in Germany they are already sold caramelized ready to make the Black Forest) or with cherries in syrup or black cherries and even candied cherries! Find all the details in the process! In any case, my advice is organize yourself with the times. Follow the directions and you will be applauded not only for the beauty but also for the divine chocolate taste caramelized cherries And cream they hug perfectly together Perfect for great opportunitiesfrom the holidays of Christmas to the dessert at the end of the meal, or of course for one birthday cake chic and elegant!

How to make black forest cake

My advice is to divide the preparation into 2 days: day 1 to dedicate yourself to the basics; on day 2 for assembly.

Day 1 (or to be done very early in the morning if you want to do everything in 1 day)

First of all, make the base following the procedure found in CHOCOLATE SPONGE CAKE

Cocoa sponge cake for Black Forest Cake

Then, once cooked and unmolded, set aside to cool and only once cold, seal it in cling film and place it in the fridge for 2 – 3 hours (this way it will be easier to cut it)

While the base is cooking, wash the fruit (except for about 10 pieces which you will need for decoration, whole and wash them and dry them at the end) and pit the cherries. If you don’t have the appropriate tool, you can easily use a stiff straw. :

pit cherries for black forest cake

Finally, insert the pitted cherries into a pan together with the sugar, stir well and caramelise over a low heat for 5 minutes, then add the Kirsch liqueur and leave to simmer over a low heat for around 5 minutes.

The result must be juicy caramelized cherries full of syrup, not crumbled but whole:

caramelize cherries for black forest cake

Finally, filter the juice that will become the Kirsch syrup and set aside the cherries that will be the filling for the black forest cake:

kirsch dip for black forest cake

Seal both bowls with cling film and after allowing them to cool to room temperature, place them in the fridge for 2 – 3 hours.

Day 2 (or to be made in the middle of the day after having respected at least 3 hours of rest between sponge cake in the fridge / syrup and cherries)

Assembling the black forest cake (useful tips and tricks)

First of all, take all the bases out of the fridge at least 20 minutes before proceeding: the chocolate sponge cake, the cherries and the syrup.

In the meantime, whip the cream with the sugar until stiff, be careful not to overdo it otherwise it will curdle.

Finally, my advice is to insert the whipped cream directly into a piping bag for a better filling.

Then divide the sponge cake into 3 discs of the same thickness, approximately 2 cm, mark the lines with a cut, so as not to make mistakes and proceed with a sharp knife.

At this point, place the base of the chocolate sponge cake directly on a serving plate on which you will serve the dessert.

Then proceed to wet, using a kitchen brush, starting from the edge and then lightly wet the inside as well.

Attention! Don’t wet this first base too much otherwise you risk breaking the cake.

Then add a generous layer of whipped cream and a handful of caramelized cherries:

assemble the black forest cake

Finally, add another disc of chocolate sponge cake on top of the freshly made filling and proceed by repeating the operation: wet the sponge cake starting from the edges, add the whipped cream and finally the caramelized cherries.

Finally, add the last disc of chocolate sponge cake, last soaked in syrup.

Then cover the entire black forest cake with the rest of the whipped cream starting from the surface, and then moving to the side edges:

garnish the black forest cake

Then return to the surface and flatten well.

At this point, place the cake in the fridge to harden and also place the cream you will need to complete the decoration in the fridge.

Black forest cake decoration

While the dessert is in the fridge you can quickly create the chocolate decoration.

First of all, scrape about 2 tablespoons of flakes from the whole chocolate which will serve as decoration on the surface.

Then melt the rest in a bain-marie, finally temper quickly with two knives or two spoons or turn and literally cut the melted chocolate with the steel to avoid creating white streaks.

then immediately roll it out to a thickness of 2 mm on baking paper with a spatula and roll it up slowly, not too tightly:

black forest cake topper1

Roll everything up to the end, place in the freezer for 30 – 40 seconds to harden

Warning! Do not leave it in the freezer otherwise it will harden and you will have difficulty obtaining long pieces.

When you unroll after the indicated time, the chocolate will be solid but still tender, so as you unroll you can gradually cut strips that will act as a black forest!

black forest cake decoration2

At this point we are there!

First of all, take the cake out of the fridge, wash and dry the rest of the cherries perfectly.

Then insert the rest of the whipped cream into a piping bag with a star nozzle and make tufts, one next to the other.

decorate the black forest cake

Then insert the chocolate flakes in the center and finally add the long chocolate decorations on the edge, alternating longer pieces with smaller ones.

At this point, add a cherry to each tuft of cream.

Here’s yours ready Black forest cake

black forest cake recipe

My advice is to leave it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before serving, or even better 1 hour.

Here’s what the inside of the car looks like slice of black forest cake:

Black forest cake interior

Tips and Variations

Self you don’t have fresh cherries you can make the black forest cake with black cherries or even with them candied cherries or syrupin a jar

What to use instead of Kirsch? you can use rum or a liqueur of your choice.

If you want to make one instead Non-alcoholic black forest cake therefore without liqueur, I recommend you make my Vanilla Bagna which you can insert directly into the cherries to be caramelized just as the procedure indicates instead of the Kirsch

Finally for those who want to make a Black Forest Cake super easyyou can simply replace the fruit and skip the whole caramelization step and alternate layers of cream and cherry jam!


In the fridge for about 2 days, then I recommend freezing!

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How to clean asparagus (Illustrated tips from Tavolartegusto) – Gordon Ramsay’s version

how to clean asparagus


How to clean asparagus it’s the first one request that we ask ourselves when we want to achieve them recipes with fresh asparagus !Delicious and valuable spring vegetables, low-calorie, rich in vitamins and football which abound in the markets between March, April, May and June! As far as it is one simple practicebe careful small mistakes when cleaning asparagus can be fatal! How many times does it happen cut a little stem with the result the asparagus results too hard once cooked? Or, say eliminate too much sacrificing too the good parts ? So I thought I’d make one complete guide accompanied by many advice illustrated with step by step photos on how to clean asparagusin proper way , quickly And without waste with some indications also to how to cook them And how to cook them to the best.

how to clean asparagus

First of all it is good to know that you can apply these techniques and all the suggestions to almost all varieties of asparagus there are around 200 on the market. In detail, in this way, you can clean white asparagus (variety grows underground, in fact the white color comes from the lack of exposure to sunlight and has a more delicate flavour) purple asparagus (Albenga quality, with a purple-blue color and bitter flavour) and naturally the most common green asparagus (with a tuberous and well-known flavour). Instead, to clean the wild asparagus being thinner the method is even faster, you will find some tricks in the process!

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Preparation Cooking Total
10 minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes

Cost Kitchen Calories
Bass Italian 128 Kcal


Quantity for 4 people

  • 1 bunch of asparagus
  • waterfall


  • 1 sharp knife or a mandolin


How to clean asparagus

First of all, untie the chosen asparagus: green, violet, white asparagus from the elastic bands that usually hold them together and place them on a cutting board, aligning them without breaking them up, it will be easier to clean them evenly.

Then eliminate any rotten pieces and proceed to cut away the final woody part which lasts about 2 cm.

how to clean asparagus 1

Do this operation with a sharp, large knife, aligning several asparagus so as to obtain stalks of equal length. This way they will cook evenly.

Once the woody part has been eliminated, you will have to thin part of the stem.

You can proceed with a sharp knife or a mandolin, longitudinally from top to bottom to eliminate 6 – 7 cm:

how to clean asparagus 2

A trick to understand up to where the woody part of the asparagus is? It’s about counting 3 fingers below the top of the asparagus . This way you can’t go wrong. after 3 fingers the woodier stem will start to be thinned.

Be careful, this step is very effective in the case of white, green, purple asparagus and double-stemmed asparagus.

If you find yourself in need clean the asparaginemuch thinner and longer, after eliminating the 2 cm of the final piece, proceed to thin only 4 – 5 cm of the stem with a mandolin:

clean the asparagine

Instead for him clean the wild asparaguseven thinner and more valuable once the final piece has been cut, they do not need to be peeled and thinned.

Once you have mastered and completed how to clean all the asparagus, wash them delicately under running water.

How to cook asparagus

First of all it is good to know that there are different ways to cook asparagus.

cook the whole asparagus

First of all you have to tie them with kitchen string, so that they stay still, but above all you can perfectly adjust the cooking times:

tie the asparagus for cooking

At this point you can boil the asparagus better if you own the typical one asparagus bowl (high and long pot so that the tips are facing upwards and do not come into contact with the boiling water) if you don’t have one, don’t worry, use a tall spaghetti pot add water and salt and add the asparagus standing with the stem immersed in water and the tips out of the water.

Finally cook in this way for about 10 – 15 minutes

You can too steam the asparagus using a long basket that does not come into contact with water and the tips are always pointing upwards. in this case they will cook for about 20 minutes. Be careful, thinner asparagus will cook in less time.

cook the asparagus in pieces or in small rounds, less than one cm, sautéing them in a pan with a drizzle of oil and a few spoonfuls of water. Inserting the tips only at the end of cooking or leaving them aside ready to decorate or make your recipe.

How to cook asparagus

After cleaning the fresh asparagus you can cook them in a thousand ways!

As first courses I suggest you try my quick and tasty Pasta with asparagus; the creamy and delicate asparagus risotto, also perfect for enriching and the delicious asparagus cream soup, also perfect for children.

Then don’t miss the savory pie with asparagus, a real delight as a single dish, to save dinner or to take on a trip or to the beach

By looking through my recipes with asparagus you will also find delicious main courses, appetizers and appetizers.


Once the asparagus has been cleaned, washed and perfectly dried, you can store them in the fridge in an airtight container for about 3 days.

It is worth saying that it would be better to keep them dirty, i.e. unwashed, even if cleaned with a knife, thus lasting longer.


Pasta with courgette flowers (creamy, quick, gourmet) Tavolartegusto – Gordon Ramsay’s version

pasta sauce with courgette flowers


There Pasta with courgette flowers it’s a first course tasty and simple, perfect for Spring Summer. It is achieved with few ingredients: pasta of your choice, flavored with a sauce of courgette flowers sautéed in a pan with garlic, oil and anchovies which give that touch of flavor gourmet ! and thanks to the risotto of the pasta directly in the sauce, it will become creamy without cream! Believe me, mouth-watering!

By now you know that I love courgette flowers, which I have proposed to you in many versions: baked, fried, in batter, in an omelette. Today I wanted to make one pasta with courgette flowers however they were well blended together and I must say that I managed it alone 20 minutes ! While the pasta is boiling, prepare the sauce. Clean the courgette flowers by eliminating the hardest external part and make a quick sauté to which add anchovies or, if you prefer, anchovies in oil. The secret for a creamy pasta with courgette flowers is to risotto it in the sauce and cooking water so that is imbued with all the flavors and aromas. Excellent as a first dailyeven light, when you have little time but don’t want to give up a tasty plate of pasta for lunch or dinner. Try them following all the tricks and you’ll see how good they are!

How to make pasta with courgette flowers

First of all, place a pan with plenty of water and salt and add the pasta as soon as it comes to the boil.

In the meantime, clean the courgette flowers by removing the hard stem and the green part with bristly hairs. Leave only the flower that you will divide in half.

If you want, you can also remove the pistils, I eat them, they are edible and have an intense, bitter flavor that I love. Obviously, I repeat, you can eliminate them.

Then add 4 5 tablespoons of oil and the anchovies to a large, non-stick pan (in which you will risotto the pasta).

Let fry for 1 minute then add the flowers and leave to cook over a low heat adding 3 – 4 tablespoons of water. As soon as the water dries up, the sauce is practically ready.

pasta sauce with courgette flowers

at this point add salt (if you used fresh anchovies like me, add a pinch more) but if you used anchovies in oil, use less, as they are basically very tasty.

Drop the almost hard pasta into the pan with the courgette flowers together with 2 – 3 tablespoons of cooking water and continue cooking by risotto in the pan.

Add another drizzle of oil. The pasta should be creamy and perfectly blended with the sauce, add a pinch of pepper, possibly add another pinch of salt and serve al dente, in all its creaminess.

Here it is ready Pasta with courgette flowers

pasta recipe with courgette flowers

Variants and Tips

If you want to make one Pasta with courgette flowers Vegetarian you can do it by omitting anchovies or anchovies. In this case, carefully monitor the flavor of the dish.

Furthermore, if you don’t like anchovies, you can replace them with cubes bacon. the dish will be very tasty.


Excellent hot and steaming, I recommend you enjoy them hot.

If there are any leftovers, you can store them in the fridge and make a tasty pasta omelette the next day which you can also make in tasty single portions using the Neapolitan pasta omelette technique.

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