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Hummus as it is read – MoltoFood – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Carbonara when it was invented


The question about how to read “hummus” is more than legitimate and reveals a curiosity that is not only linguistic but also cultural. In an era in which interest in ethnic cuisine and its correct pronunciations has significantly amplified, it becomes essential to study not only the ingredients and preparation techniques, but also the way in which names and terms are correctly articulated. This is not only a question of respect for different culinary cultures, but also to enrich one’s knowledge in the gastronomic field. Furthermore, knowing how to pronounce correctly the name of a dish can also avoid embarrassment or misunderstandings when you find yourself ordering in a restaurant or discussing cooking with friends and acquaintances.

How do you read Hummus?

The correct pronunciation of “hummus” is a topic that arouses curiosity and sometimes debate. Originally from Middle Easthummus is a spread made from chickpeastahini (sesame paste), lemon juice, garlic and olive oil, which has become popular around the world for its rich flavor and versatility. But how do you pronounce this term correctly?

In Italian, the most accepted pronunciation tends to be “ummus”, with the accent on the first syllable and the initial “h” almost silent, in line with the phonetic adaptation of many foreign words in our language. However, it is important to note that, depending on the region of origin, the pronunciation can vary slightly. For example, in some areas of the Middle East, the initial “h” is pronounced more markedly.

Despite these variations, what is fundamental is the appreciation for the cultural and gastronomic richness that hummus represents. This delicious spread can be enjoyed in many variations, each of which reflects the culinary traditions of the place where it is prepared. For those who want to try making hummus, here are two recipes to try: a traditional one with sautéed cherry tomatoes (recipe here) and a more spring-like one with baby spinach (recipe here).

In short, regardless of the pronunciation you choose to adopt, the important thing is to let yourself be involved by the passion for cooking and the desire to explore new and different flavors. As we have seen, hummus is much more than a simple chickpea cream: it is a bridge between cultures, an invitation to discover and appreciate the differences that enrich the vast world of gastronomy.


Anti-waste stale bread pizzas – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Anti-waste stale bread pizzas


Bread, even stale bread, is a very precious ingredient and, to recover it, these anti-waste bread pizzas they are perfect.

The art of recovery in the kitchen is a practice that I am very passionate about, a tradition that is lost over time. In fact, in many cultures, the leftover bread it is never wasted, but rather becomes the main ingredient of simple and genuine dishes.

This bread pizza recipe is inspired by this philosophy: nothing is thrown away and each ingredient finds new life in a different form. My bread pizzas are a perfect example of how anti-waste cooking can be creative and delicious.

All it takes is a little imagination and the result is surprising. They’re easy to make and require just a few ingredients, most of which you probably already have in your pantry.

A recipe is perfect for a delicious appetizera aperitif with friends or even a light lunch. By following a few simple steps, the bread you would have thrown away is transformed into a crunchy and tasty base to accommodate the tomato, mozzarella and the scent of fresh basil.

Furthermore, these pizzas are an excellent opportunity to involve children in the kitchen. They can have fun kneading the bread, rolling out the discs and decorating the pizzas with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella. It’s a simple way to teach them the importance of not wasting food and making the most of every ingredient. The kitchen thus becomes a place of creativity and learning, where every meal prepared is an opportunity to learn something new.

The bread pizzas are also very versatile: you can customize them by adding other ingredients to your liking, such as olives, capers or grilled vegetables. This makes them perfect to satisfy the tastes of the whole family and to use up other leftovers you have in the fridge.

The simplicity of the stale bread base allows you to experiment with different flavor combinations and always create something unique.

Discover the video recipe of my bread pizzas

You find it on my Instagram channel @lennesimoblog in collaboration with Turn on electricity and gas Coopfor my column “light up your appetite!


Healthy diet tips for aging well – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Healthy diet tips for aging well


Aging is a natural process that life brings with it physical and mental changes. However, by adopting a healthy and balanced diet, you can slow down the signs of aging and maintain good health in the long term. In this article we will explore some key dietary tips for aging well, with a particular focus on how gastronomy can play a crucial role in this process.

Food rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants are substances that counteract the damage caused by free radicals in our body, helping to prevent premature aging and chronic diseases. Incorporating antioxidant-rich foods into your diet is essential for maintaining glowing skin, a strong immune system, and overall good health.

Berries: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C and polyphenols, which help counteract the action of free radicals.

Green leafy vegetables: Spinach, kale, arugula and other leafy greens contain antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin, which promote eye health and combat cellular aging.

Dried fruit: Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and flaxseeds are rich in vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids, which protect the skin and heart from age-related damage.

Here are some recipes:

Moderate consumption of saturated fats and sugars

A diet high in saturated fats and sugars can contribute to the accumulation of body fat, increased cholesterol and inflammation, thus accelerating the aging process and increasing the risk of chronic diseases. Reducing your consumption of these foods and opting for healthier alternatives can make a difference in maintaining good health over time.

Saturated fats: Limiting the consumption of red meat, fatty cheeses and fried foods can help keep cholesterol levels low and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Added sugars: Avoiding sugary drinks, packaged sweets and processed foods can help keep blood sugar levels stable and prevent chronic inflammation.

Healthy alternatives: Opt for healthy fat sources like olive oil, avocado and chia seeds, and sweeten drinks with honey or maple syrup instead of refined sugar.

Adopting a diet rich in antioxidants, moderate in saturated fats and sugars, is essential for aging well and maintaining good health over time. Integrating these dietary tips into your eating routine can make the difference in slowing down the signs of aging and living a life full of vitality and well-being.


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