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Very clever sfincione, much better than the classic Palermo sfincione. Crispy and simple for Saturday evening – Gordon Ramsay’s version

fried sfincione with tomato

fried sfincione with tomato

Fried sfincionelli They are of indescribable goodness. We are already fervent supporters of the classic Palermo sfincione, with its sauce onions and the grated caciocavallo. But as we know, what’s fried is always better. So the same seasoning put on a fried dough absolutely could not leave us indifferent. The procedure is similar to that of Fried pizzas, simple and quick to follow. The difference is that the sfincionelli are slightly shaped more elongated and the end result is a little crispier. Perfect to accompany onions.

Fried sfincionelli

Ingredients x 10

  • 00 flour 400 g
  • semolina 100 g
  • fresh brewer’s yeast 12 g
  • salt 12 g
  • water 300 ml
  • white onions 2
  • tomato puree 500 ml
  • anchovies in oil 10
  • caciocavallo 1 slice
  • grated caciocavallo cheese
  • bread crumbs
  • Origan
  • extra virgin olive oil


The first thing to do to prepare fried sfincionelli it’s the dough. Sift the flour and arrange them on the work surface in the classic shape to fountain. Place the yeast and water in the center and start kneading. Add the salt and mix until you obtain a smooth dough. Cover with cling film and leave to rise in the oven with the light on for 4 hours. Meanwhile, prepare the onion saucejust follow the traditional sfincione recipe. Once the time has passed, take the dough again and work it again. Stretch it to form a loaf and cut it into 10 parts. Spread each part into an elongated shape, without flattening them too much.

Cover the bottom of a pan with extra virgin olive oil and bring to temperature, then fry the sfincionelli over medium heat. If bubbles form prick them helping yourself with a fork. Brown on both sides and drain on absorbent paper to remove excess grease. Place them on a baking tray, cover them with the onion sauce and sprinkle with black pepper and oregano. Complete with grated caciocavallo and shredded caciocavallo. Add some breadcrumbs and cook in the oven 180 degrees for 10 minutes. Your fried sfincionelli they are ready. Enjoy your meal.

Nice and tasty Easter appetizer? The bread bunny with vegetables in sauce, quick and easy – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Easter bunny centerpiece

Easter bunny centerpiece

If you are looking the perfect appetizer for the Easter holidays you are in the right place. Today we will see the recipe for the bread bunny with vegetables in sauce, beautiful and delicious. Imagine what impression it will make on your table, the surprise of the guests and above all the amazement of the children. We are sure that cooked in this way, they will also eat the vegetables used as a filling. The sauce is also truly delicious. We’ll see the recipe Natalia Cattelani led to La prova del cuoco some time ago. In turn, the cook took inspiration from an American site, but she changed it by making the bunny entirely Italian.

Bread bunny appetizer with vegetables in sauce


  • flour 0 800 g
  • water 250 ml
  • fresh brewer’s yeast 1 cube
  • milk 200 ml
  • butter 40 g
  • sugar 2 tbsp
  • salt 3 teaspoons
  • eggs 1
  • pitted black olives 2
  • blanched almonds 2
  • mayonnaise 1 cup
  • mustard 1 tbsp
  • 1 pinch dehydrated garlic
  • anchovy paste soup 1 tbsp
  • chopped parsley soup 1 tbsp
  • chopped green olive soup 3 tbsp
  • chopped gherkin soup 3 tbsp
  • pickled onion soup 1 tbsp
  • carrots 3
  • fennel 1
  • salad tomatoes 2
  • small white cauliflower 1
  • salad 100 g
  • 3 leaves cappuccino lettuce


The first thing to do is to prepare the bunny bread appetizer with vegetables in sauce it’s the dough. In a bowl, combine them ingredients: flour, water, brewer’s yeast, sugar, butter, milk, salt. Mix everything until you obtain a homogeneous mixture. Let it rise until doubled. Once ready, divide it in half. With the first part you obtain the belly and the face of the rabbit. Instead, divide the other half into two parts: with one you will make the legs, with the other ears, cheeks and nose. Cut the black olive in half to make the eyes.

The almonds will instead be used for the big teeth, but you have to add them when it is cooked. Brush with the beaten egg and let rest for another 15 minutes. Cook at 180 degrees for 30 minutes. With a knife, hollow out the belly of the rabbit and cover it with the salad leaves. In the center add the sauce you obtained by mixing mayonnaise with all soups. Place the salad on a serving plate accompanied by the other vegetables, then place the rabbit on top. Yours Easter appetizer it’s ready. Enjoy your meal.

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