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Minestrina in vegetable broth – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Minestrina in vegetable broth

How to prepare a very good one soup in vegetable broth, light, nutless and very tasty. The pasta in vegetable broth is very simple and rich in vitamins, a real one comfort food perfect on cold winter days.

Also known as the "sick man's soup", this broth soup is excellent to consume when you have a fever or a severe cold or if you have a bad stomach because it is prepared with many vegetables but at the same time it is very digestible. In addition to being rich in mineral salts.

Just add some pasta, stars or scratchers, to taste and will become the ideal dish also for your children, who can enjoy it with a nice melted cheese.

The evening soup, especially in winter, is very popular with young and old, because it warms the body and is really comfortable after a tiring day. It also fills the stomach but at the same time does not burden digestion.

A quick soup it can also be prepared with a meat cube or vegetable cube: just add a little water and melt the cube and you're done. But we know that industrial cube is not really a healthy product, that you can eat it often.

So it is always better not to abuse it. Instead with one nice soup in vegetable broth light and fat-free, you decide the salt and seasoning.

For those wishing to try the recipe of homemade granular nut we refer you to this recipe:

Homemade granular vegetable cube

Try this recipe and you will see what it tastes like!

Roast vegetable casserole – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Roast vegetable casserole

There oven-baked vegetable casserole it is a very tasty hot side dish that is prepared in a few minutes and cooks in the oven while you can devote yourself to other dishes.

It is a mix of vegetables including potatoes, fennel, carrots and broccoli, cut into small pieces and flavored with onion, rosemary, salt and pepper.

A real delicacy for those who love vegetables and light side dishes. They represent a very good and tasty side dish as well as easy to make. You can use a pan that goes directly into the oven and bring directly to the table once they are ready.

This side dish goes well with any dish, meat, fish or eggs.

Let's see the recipe immediately.


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Chickpea and vegetable cream – quick and healthy recipe – Gordon Ramsay’s version

chickpea and vegetable cream

There chickpea and vegetable cream it's a quick and healthy recipe, one of those recipes so simple and ready in 5 minutes, but which contain all the flavor of poor but healthy cuisine.

The chickpea cream is quickly prepared using ready-made boiled vegetables (the one you buy in the supermarket fridge counter) and dried boiled chickpeas.
Without sautées and without other ingredients apart from good extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of granular nut.

To shorten the time, of course, you can also use the chickpeas in a jar, but prefer the dry ones which you can also use the cooking water.

A warm and satiating cream it is what it takes to restore yourself in the evening after a tiring day. Soups and broths in general are gods comfort food excellent that allow us to satisfy the palate and warm the body.

Let's see the recipe.

Chickpea and vegetable cream – quick and healthy recipe


  • two ladles of chickpeas boiled with a little of their water + a ladle of chickpeas to garnish
  • a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil
  • a sprig of rosemary
  • half a teaspoon of granular vegetable nut
  • a handful of boiled vegetables such as turnips or chicory
  • salt
  • pepper
  • bread bruschetta to garnish

chickpea and vegetable cream


Put the chickpeas in a saucepan considering three ladles per person. Also add a couple of ladles of their cooking water or tap water.

Add the nut, a tablespoon of oil, black pepper, a sprig of rosemary and cook for 5-7 minutes. Those who like it can also add a clove of garlic.

Then, remove the rosemary and garlic and blend everything together.

Adjust with the amount of water as the cream should be quite thick.

Once the chickpeas have been reduced to a cream, add some pieces of boiled vegetables. In this case they are turnips, but any vegetable is fine, preferably bitter.

Also add a ladle of whole chickpeas.

One minute on the fire then transfer the chickpea cream to the plates. Serve with toasted croutons.

Enjoy your meal!

Also try this soup with lentils:

Lentil and potato soup simple recipe


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