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the original step-by-step recipe of Linzer cookies – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Linzer cookies

THE Linzer biscuits also called Linzer Cookies or Linzer augen ; they are gods delicious sweets from Austrian origin also famous in South Tyrol; that are prepared in the Christmas time! This is the mini version And faster of the classic Linzer Torte! In fact, they are realized with the same shortcrust pastry with hazelnuts, powder of cinnamon And cloves; from which gods are derived Biscuits, the half of which is pierced in the center. Once baked in the oven, they come stuffed with raspberry jam o currants or cranberries; then coupled and finally sprinkled with powdered sugar! Imagine them very fragrant, from rustic flavor intense and so much crumbly to melt in the mouth! Simply poetry for the taste buds!

Linzer cookies

Like any traditional recipe they exist different versions, in this case I give you the Original recipe of the Linzer Cookies from my manual of foreign sweets!

It's about a very easy preparation! L'dough you can also do it by hand ; using both the hazelnut flour is there almond flour! The secret for a perfect result is the rest in the fridge! I recommend the base must be very cold; then roll it out and carve your Austrian biscuits of the shape you like best! And only once they are completely cold, you can proceed to stuff them!

THE Linzer Cookies, just like Gingerbreads and Christmas Cookies, yes they keep a lot! and in addition to being perfect for snacks, breakfasts, buffets, they are also ideal for give as a gift for Christmas and not only!

Linzer biscuits recipe


Preparation Cooking Total
30 minutes + rest in the fridge 12 minutes 32 minutes


Quantity for 60 finished cookies

  • 300 grams of flour '00
  • 300 gr of whole hazelnuts to be pulverized or hazelnut flour (or almond flour)
  • 130 grams of brown sugar
  • 100 grams of powdered sugar
  • 260 gr of butter
  • 1 egg
  • 1 yolk
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cloves
  • grated zest of 1 lemon
  • vanilla
  • 350 gr of currant jam, or raspberry or cranberry
  • 2 tablespoons of sliced ​​almonds (for garnish)
  • raspberry, currant or cranberry jam


How to make Linzer cookies

First of all pulverize the hazelnuts with a mixer together with the sugars, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves and lemon peel.

Then add the flour, mix well, finally the cold butter in pieces and the eggs. Give a mixer a few seconds until you get a dough.

Attention will be soft, do not worry it is just like that! Compact it as you can.

Finally form a ball, wrap it in cling film and place it in the fridge for 2 hours.

After the indicated time, sprinkle a work surface very well with 00 flour and with a floured rolling pin roll out a sheet 3 – 4 mm thick. Remember that the biscuits will then be coupled so do not make them too double.

Make sure the base is cold and comes off the counter. Cut some circles and in the middle cut the center.

Finally place them as you make them in a baking tray lined with parchment paper:

Linzer cookies

Put the trays in the fridge then cook at 180 ° for about 12 minutes until golden brown, be careful when you take them out of the oven as they are very delicate.

Let them cool for 2 hours then stuff the non-pierced bases with a teaspoon of raspberry jam.

Sprinkle the pierced parts with icing sugar:

how to stuff linzer cookies

then pair!

Yours are ready Linzer biscuits!

Linzer cookies

You can store at room temperature without filling for 2 months! once stuffed you can 2 days at room temperature, then better in the fridge.


the simple and delicious recipe in a few steps! – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Dried fruit tart

There Dried fruit tart it's a sweet autumn exquisite, made with a shortcrust pastry shell soft and crumbly that welcomes a rich, creamy filling to crunchy strokes of walnuts, hazelnuts And chopped almonds, marmalade, raisins and a handful of crumbled cookies ! A mix of contrasts watering!

Dried fruit tart

It is also a very simple preparation: the super proven base it is done in a few minutes and while rest in the fridge; you can realize the stuffing mixing everything together! For the realization, you can choose the dried fruit of your choice : not only walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, but also cashew nuts, pistachios, nuts pecan, a ready mix; recycling all dried fruit you have in your pantry! Once filled, you can decorate your dried fruit tart, with biscuits as in this case or with the classic strips
To you the choice! the result does not change in terms of cooking time in the oven! And its intoxicating scent there will conquer already out of the oven!

Just like Pecan pie, it is perfect cold, even the day after, when all the flavors are settled. not just how dessert at the end of the meal to be enjoyed with a good liqueur or hot chocolate! but also for snacks delicious, holiday breakfasts, from prepare or give at Christmas! you save a lot of time!

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Walnut cake (soft and simple with caramelized topping, ready in minutes)

Dried Fruit Tart Recipe


Preparation Cooking Total
30 minutes + rest in the fridge 50 minutes 1h and 20 minutes


Quantity for 1 1 mold diameter 18 cm and 4.5 cm high or 24 cm diameter and 2.5 cm high

For the shell and decorations:

  • 330 grams of flour '00 + 1 teaspoon for the pastry board
  • 165 gr of soft butter (or 75 gr of seed oil)
  • 1 medium whole egg
  • 2 small egg yolks
  • 130 grams of granulated sugar
  • grated zest 1 lemon
  • grated peel 1 orange
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder

For the dried fruit filling:

  • 100 gr of walnuts (or a mix of walnuts and hazelnuts)
  • 100 gr of peeled almonds (or cashews, pistachios)
  • 200 gr of Apricot jam
  • 60 gr of dry biscuits (Digestive or whatever you have at home)
  • 50 gr of raisins (or cut dates, dried figs)
  • 1 tablespoon of rum (or orange juice or liqueur you prefer)

To decorate:

  • sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar


How to make dried fruit tart

First of all, prepare the base by following the SHORT PASTRY article and place in the fridge to cool for about 1 hour.

Then toast the dried fruit in the oven at 160 ° for 10 minutes

Finally, chop it finely with a knife and add it to a bowl together with the very fine crumbled biscuits, the rum, the jam and the previously softened raisins.

In a few seconds, you will get a grainy and sticky mixture:

stuffing for dried fruit tart

Cover with cling film and leave in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Then divide the pastry into two parts, a larger one for the shell and a smaller one for the decoration biscuits.

First of all roll out the small part, on a floured work surface to a thickness of 5 mm and cut the biscuits in the shape of stars, or the shape of your choice or even classic strips:

carve dried fruit tart cookies

as you make them, place them on a baking tray and refrigerate.

Then grease and flour a mold about 2.5 cm high

If you do not have an opening pan, to better unmold the cake, cut a couple of 8 cm thick strips of baking paper and place them crosswise on the floured base.

Finally roll out the other piece of shortcrust pastry to a thickness of 5 mm, cover the mold, cut off the excess edges and prick the base with a fork:

how to make dried fruit tart

Decorate the dried fruit tart

stuffed with dried fruit filling and decorate with biscuits starting from the edge without putting them together!

decorate the dried fruit tart

Finally, brush the surface of the biscuits with a drop of cold water and sprinkle with sugar:

Ready to cook dried fruit tart

Place the tart in the fridge for at least 20 minutes.

Finally bake in a static oven at 180 ° for the first 20 minutes, then lower to 170 ° and continue cooking for another 30 minutes;

taking care to make a passage in the lower part in contact with the bottom and to cover the surface of the edges with an aluminum foil if the surface becomes too colored!

Finally, remove from the oven and let it cool for at least 12 hours in the pan.

Then sprinkle with a little icing sugar!

Yours is ready Dried fruit tart

Dried fruit tart

You can store at room temperature for 10 days.


Cooking Recipe Rotolo di Faraona – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Cooking Recipe Preparation Rotolo di Faraona

Ingredients for 6 people

A 1.5 kg guinea fowl, 150 g of fresh cream, 80 g of cooked ham, shallot, sage,

2 macaroons, spicy paprika, meat extract, an egg, butter, dry white wine, Marsala, meat broth, extra virgin olive oil, a ver-za, white grapes, salt and pepper.

Cooking Recipe Preparation Rotolo di Faraona

Cooking Recipe Preparation Rotolo di Faraona

1 Remove the two half breasts and thighs from the guinea fowl, peel and peel the latter, peel and blend with cream, salt, paprika and an egg, then add the diced ham. Remove the fillets from the breasts and beat them. Spread

one of the largest with the mixture, cover with the same one and close the sides with the fillets.

2Wrap everything in a damp sheet of parchment paper and tie with string. Roast in the oven at 190 ° for about 45 minutes, greasing with a thin layer of oil.

3 Peel and chop a shallot, fry it in a knob of butter with a sprig of sage and the crumbled macaroons, blend with Marsala; add 150 ml of white wine, broth, a pinch of meat extract, salt and pepper and reduce. Serve the roll with the sauce and the sliced ​​ver-za dipped in butter and garnished with grapes.

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