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Whole Wheat Pizza in a Pan Gluten Free, Instant Without Brewer's Yeast – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Whole Wheat Pizza in a Pan Gluten Free, Instant Without Brewer's Yeast

# Family💚 Today I'm sharing a delicious pan-fried semi-wholemeal flour pizza, instant, yeast-free! You make it by hand in a few minutes and without leavening, you put it to cook in a simple pan.

With the indicated doses, you will get a 22/24 cm diameter pizza.

I couldn't leave you without the semi-wholemeal version of the instant pan pizza you loved so much!
Here it is, quick and easy like the one you have seen, suitable for those who prefer more rustic doughs!

Here you will find the version with white flour!

How many times have I told you that for my recipes you can use white or rustic flours simply by learning to dose the water that changes depending on the flour you use?
Virtually always!
So why is the dose of water in this recipe identical to the recipe with white flour?

From experience I tell you that a small dough, that is a dose for a single pizza is much more manageable than large quantities, so if the dose is not balanced to the gram you will not find great difficulty in kneading.
On the contrary, if you try to make doses for yourself or four people, surely the amount of water must change to make a larger dough workable.

Hence the advice: if you are a beginner and do not have a proven recipe, start with small doughs!

Instant Gluten Free Focaccia Stuffed with Stracchino, Zucchini and Anchovies, Without Brewer's Yeast – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Instant Gluten Free Focaccia Stuffed with Stracchino, Zucchini and Anchovies, Without Brewer's Yeast

Today we make a focaccia without brewer's yeast, but instant, filled with stracchino, grilled zucchini And anchovies. The recipe is perfect for last minute focaccia such as appetizer / aperitif, but also for the snack of children who love salty, replacing the filling with what they like best!

The doses indicated are perfect for a 26 cm pan.

Just one Bowl it's a table spoon, elbow grease to make this wonderful soft and tasty focaccia, with the foresight to form a dough as smooth as possible. It is not necessary to knead on the pastry board or with the planetary mixer, however if you want to speed up the preparation further, you can use any mixer.

If you change mix compared to the one I used, the amount of water needed to get a consistency like my dough could change: add a little water at a time and adjust accordingly.

If you want a more full-bodied cheese, maybe racy, you can replace the stracchino with smoked cheese or fontina, of course the fillings are all valid depending on what you like: cold cuts, tuna, peppers and all kinds of vegetables.

If you like it more, you can choose to roll out all the dough and put the filling on top as I did with the focaccia with figs you find here!

Once the base has been rolled out, you can choose to put different fillings: for example, I added anchovies only on half of the focaccia and marked it by piercing the surface with a fork.

At this point you can also stuff the focaccia in wedges with everything you like!

You can replace the instant yeast with baking soda and cream of tartar like in this pizza.

Also with a suitable mix and a filling lactose-free, you can make this focaccia suitable for intolerant people (always read the labels).

Gluten Free Instant Fig Focaccia Very Fast Without Brewer's Yeast – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Gluten Free Instant Fig Focaccia Very Fast Without Brewer's Yeast

# Family💚 hello! Today we make instant focaccia with figs and ham, gluten-free and without brewer's yeast, prepares in no time and remains soft even the next day! The instant focaccia is processed directly in a bowl without a pastry board, ready in a few minutes for delicious sweet / savory snacks.

For the #backtoschool I thought about experimenting with a series of recipes to be made quickly in the evening or even in the morning for early risers!

To make up for the lack of brewer's yeast that gives softness and a nice scent, I choose a delicious "filling": seasonal figs and ham! Of course you can choose variations: vegetables, meats, cheeses, perhaps to be inserted in the middle instead of on top!

The beauty of this focaccia is the simplicity also in the processing, all in a bowl, without getting your hands dirty… even a child can do it.

I also leave you the version of the focaccia stuffed with tomato always in a bowl, but with brewer's yeast!

If you have leftover or want to make it in the evening for the next day, as soon as it is cold, close it in a food bag, with a slightly moist filling, it will be good the next day too!

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