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Pasta alla sardella, the first Calabrian dish that can be prepared in 5 minutes. Better than deviled with a sciuè sciuè sauce – Gordon Ramsay’s version

spaghetti with sardine

spaghetti with sardine

Pasta with sardine it is a typical dish of Calabrian cuisine which in dialect is called ‘pasta cu a sardella’. It is one of the most loved and appreciated recipes by the inhabitants of the southern Italian region. This is a first that you can find exclusively in the restaurants of Calabria. In fact, only in this place is sardella produced, which is a spicy sauce based on chilli pepper, salt and juvenile sardines.

In the past this sauce was called the caviar of the poor. Today this sauce can easily be found in specialized supermarkets or on the internet, as long as you don’t go to Calabria for holidays and stock up on it for the whole year. Spicy and good, it far surpasses the flavor of the Apulian devila or assassina which is so fashionable today. Above all, it is a very simple and quick dish to make. So let’s see how it’s done

Pasta with sardine


  • spaghetti 400 g
  • pilchard 5 tablespoons
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • garlic 2 cloves
  • bread crumbs


The first thing to do to prepare pasta with sardine is to fry the garlic, cut very thinly, in plenty of extra virgin olive oil. When the garlic is golden, remove the pan from the heat, wait a couple of minutes and add the pilchard dissolving it gently in hot oil, over medium heat. Drain the pasta al dente and dip it into the pan in which the sauce was melted. Add a handful of breadcrumbs and mix quickly. Your pasta with sardine it is ready to be served. Enjoy it very hot, as soon as it is ready. Enjoy your meal.

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spaghetti with sardine



Gratin carrots, the recipe with honey and parmesan – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Gratin carrots, the recipe with honey and parmesan

If you are looking for a tasty, tasty and original side dish… you are in the right place! Today we prepare the carrots au gratin with honey and parmesan. I don’t have to tell you, they’re simply amazing, right? But don’t worry, they are also very easy because the preparation steps are few and simple.

The ace up the sleeve of this gratin carrots recipe is precisely the combination of parmesan with the honey. The first creates a irresistible crust under the carrots. The second gives one light frosting to the surface and the carrots become simply irresistible. A light, creative and vegetable-based side dish: what more could you want?

Baked gratin carrots, here’s how to prepare them

Even though the recipe is very simple, here are some small suggestions for obtaining truly perfect carrots au gratin with parmesan and honey:

  • Cutting carrots: Try to cut the carrots as evenly as possible. Then try to obtain large pieces that are more or less the same. This way the carrots will cook well, without some being cooked and others still being hard.
  • The cheese: I opted for parmesan but if you love strong flavours, the gratin carrots are also delicious with grated pecorino romano. In this case the contrast between the flavor of the cheese and the sweetness of the honey will be even stronger!
  • Honey: it is not essential, if you don’t like it you can omit it. However, you should know that you don’t taste much of him. In fact, it is only used to create a light glaze on gratin carrots. I used wildflower honey.
  • Cooking: I recommend cooking them in the middle position of the oven. In this way, being halfway, they will cook well both on the bottom and on the top.

I think I’ve told you everything, all you have to do is preheat the oven and prepare these delicious gratin carrots. I’m curious to know if you too will be surprised by their original taste and by that irresistible crust that is created around them! And please, if you try them and would like to show us your preparation, share a photo on social media and tag @tantofood.it!

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Soft lemon donuts – Recipes on the fly – Gordon Ramsay’s version

soft lemon donuts

soft lemon donuts

The soft lemon donuts they are a delicious and fragrant dessert appreciated for its lightness and fresh, citrus taste. These donuts they are a perfect combination of softness and fragrancewhich makes them irresistible for any sweets enthusiast.

Preparing the donuts is very simple and does not require much effort. What will make the difference, however, is the donut mold: you will amaze everyone!

The scent that spreads during cooking soft lemon donuts it is enveloping, anticipating the delicious taste that is revealed at the first bite.

Soft lemon donuts are a great choice for breakfast or the snack, perhaps accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee. Their circular shape and intense flavor also make them perfect to be offered during moments of sharing, such as birthday parties or meetings with friends.

Also excellent for breakfast at school of your children.

Try the recipe for these soft lemon donutsand you will have the pleasure of tasting a delicate and fragrant dessert, capable of conquering the palate with its simplicity and goodness.

soft lemon donuts
soft lemon donuts

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