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Indian pumpkin chicken curry – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Indian pumpkin chicken curry

This pumpkin chicken curry it’s a seasonal take on the classic butter chicken Indian with an extra soft and velvety touch.

I decided to start from the traditional butter chicken recipe to explore new gastronomic horizons, creating a seasonal variant that welcomes and enhances pumpkin as the main ingredient.

The Murgh makhani, known by the name of Butter Chicken, is a typical dish of the Indian gastronomic tradition characterized by a particular marinade of the meat, with spices, yogurt and lemon juice. This step gives the meat a succulent texture when cooked and a unique flavor.

The traditional recipe involves cooking in the traditional oven tandoorbut you can use the grill of your normal home oven and then sauté in the pan with the creamy part, or manage the entire cooking in the pan, as I propose today.

The final touch that can’t be missed? Fresh coriander (which you can replace with parsley if you really don’t like coriander) and a handful of crumbled cashews, which will add texture and chewiness to every bite.

While maintaining the characteristic elements of butter chicken, such as the inevitable Garam Masala*, I replaced the tomato sauce with pumpkin puree. In this way a simple chicken curry is transformed thanks to the sweet and autumnal note of pumpkin, with an even more velvety and enveloping consistency.

It’s not the first time I’ve told you: pumpkin goes perfectly with the warm spices typical of Indian cuisine (but also Thai, have you ever tried mine Thai pumpkin soup?), creating a surprising balance between the flavors.

The video recipe for my pumpkin chicken curry

You can find it on mine Instagram channel @lennesimoblog.

Apple and yogurt plumcake: light and rich in fruit – Gordon Ramsay’s version

apple-and-yoghurt plumcake

The Apple and yogurt plum cake it is a delicious and soft dessert without butter which combines the sweetness of apples with the creaminess of yogurt, creating a combination of irresistible flavors and textures.

This delicious recipe is agreat idea for breakfastone snack greedy or even like dessert lightweight to share with friends and family.

The apples, the undisputed protagonists of this recipe, bring a natural sweetness and a soft consistency to the dough, giving the plumcake moisture and an enveloping flavour. The yogurtinstead, it confers softnessmaking the dessert particularly light and digestible.

There preparation of this plum cake it is simple and accessible to everyone.

Simply mix eggs, sugar, yogurt and oil and create a liquid base which, once mixed with the flour and yeast, transforms into a homogeneous and inviting mixture.

The apples, cut into cubes or grated, are delicately incorporated into the dough, giving the dessert their characteristic fragrance and sweetness. It is better to use a less acidic but sweeter type of apple, such as for example Golden Delicious or the Gala.

Once cooked, the apple plum cake and yogurt it spreads an irresistible scent into the air, a signal that it is ready to be enjoyed.

Served in generous slices, it can be enriched with a sprinkling of powdered sugar or decorated with thin apple slices for an aesthetic touch. Or accompanied with whipped cream or custard!

Let’s see the recipe now.

apple-and-yoghurt plumcake
apple-and-yoghurt plumcake

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Carnival recipes: traditions of the happiest party – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Carnival 2024: let's discover chatter, frappe and lies

The arrival of carnival bring one with you contagious joy, an explosion of colors and a party that involves adults and children. But the carnival is not just masks, confetti and parades. It is also a moment in which Italian cuisine dresses up, giving life to traditional recipes which vary from region to region, uniting the country in a riot of flavors and aromas. Carnival recipes represent a rich and varied gastronomic heritage, a culinary journey that celebrates the happiest party of the year.

The tradition of carnival recipes

Carnival sweets

Carnival is a time of year when diet is put aside to make room for delicious and fried desserts. Each region has its own specialties, but there are some desserts that have become symbol of the carnival all over Italy. The chiacchiere, for example, are thin sheets of sweet pastry fried and dusted with icing sugar, crunchy and light as air. Rice pancakes, on the other hand, are typical of Tuscany, while castagnole, small balls of dough fried and covered in sugar, are widespread throughout central Italy.

Savory carnival dishes

Not just sweets, carnival is also an opportunity to prepare typical savory dishes. In many Italian regions, for example, it is traditional to prepare lasagna, a rich and substantial dish that warms the heart and stomach. In Liguria, however, farinata is prepared, a sort of chickpea crepe cooked in the oven, while in Veneto the creamed cod cannot be missing, a cod cream served on polenta croutons.

Typical dishes of the Italian carnival

The Venice carnival and the galani

The Venice Carnival is famous throughout the world for its masks and sumptuous costumes. But also the Venetian cuisine it dresses up to the nines, with galani, typical sweets of the period. Galani, also known as crostoli or chiacchiere in other regions, are thin sheets of sweet dough fried and dusted with icing sugar, an irresistible dessert that melts in your mouth.

The Viareggio carnival and cecina

The carnival of Viareggio, in Tuscany, is famous for its allegorical floats. But Tuscan cuisine also has its carnival specialties, such as cecina, a sort of savory pie made from chickpea flour, olive oil, water and salt, baked in the oven until crunchy.

Carnival recipes are a journey through the flavors and traditions of Italy, a way to celebrate the happiest party of the year through gastronomy. Whether it’s fried desserts or savory dishes, Carnival is an opportunity to rediscover ancient recipes and taste typical dishes that make this celebration even more special.

Carnival recipes represent a rich and varied gastronomic heritage, a culinary journey that celebrates the happiest party of the year. Combining tradition and innovation, sweet and savory, these recipes embody the very essence of Carnival: a celebration of colours, flavors and joy.

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