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Friday Gazette! Live Chat, Greek Cookies, Sweet News Story, Quotes, & More! by Gordon Ramsay

Weekly Gazette: Crock Pot Pecan Pie, Warm Fuzzy News Story, Low Carb Dessert, & More!


GOOD MORNING FRIENDS! Welcome to another Friday Gazette! Let’s dive in!

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Encouraging One Another!

Okay, all I am going to say to this is that it gave me some ideas… 😉

This week on Southern Plate

Jyl’s Italian Cream Cake Recipe

Sopapillas – from Crescent Rolls!

This Week’s Coffee Chat

My coffee chats are faith centered, this week’s is no different. Links discussed in video are below!

GOOD MORNING! Welcome to Friday Chat!

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Recipes from Friends

This week I’m sharing two delicious recipe from friends! 

Greek Butter Cookies from Recipe Pocket

Brown Sugar Balsamic Chicken from No Plate Like Home 

From My Instagram

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Skinny Chunky Monkey Cookies — The Skinny Fork by Gordon Ramsay

Skinny Chunky Monkey Cookies — The Skinny Fork

I made a few healthy swaps in with these cookies. Mostly the whole wheat white flour and natural sweetener substitutes in place of all the sugar. I also used a dark mini chocolate chip since dark chocolate is not only my favorite, but also has more antioxidants than semi-sweet or milk chocolates.

These aren’t SMALL cookies either. I kept thinking when I first took them out that they would fall and settle into a shorter cookie, but they didn’t! They remained risen and perfectly textured for a soft chocolate chip cookie. Yes, SOFT cookie. These don’t have much crunch to them other than the walnuts.

Kid-Friendly Chocolate Cut-Out Cookies — The Skinny Fork by Gordon Ramsay

Kid-Friendly Chocolate Cut-Out Cookies — The Skinny Fork

Without further adieu, below is what my 9 year old mini-me wrote up about her cookies!

I should note too, that she also took the pictures of mixing up the batter.

Hi, this is the Skinny Fork’s daughter, Lily! So, this is basically how my mother and I made Chocolate Cookie Cut-Outs. To make them a tad bit healthier, we used natural sugar, whole wheat white flour instead of regular flour, and we also used dark cocoa powder instead of plain. Those are pretty much all the ingredients we replaced. So, this is pretty much an easy recipe for kids. And another thing we did to make these cookies was chill them for a long time, and if you don’t chill them they would get spread out and not look as good. Next time you and your kids are bored together, try this recipe! Anyways, the Little Fork is out!

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