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Gluten Free Crispy Fried Chicken with Rice Breading, Light and Odorless | #Family Day 17 – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Gluten Free Crispy Fried Chicken with Rice Breading, Light and Odorless | #Family Day 17

Crispy fried chicken, dinner-saving recipe, tasty, good for everyone! Quick and easy, breaded, but gluten-free, you do it in a short time and with very few ingredients, at home. The breading is crunchy, made with rice breadcrumbs, the frying without odors!

# Family💚 you know how much I like to share my ultra-simple dinners that allow me to bring to the table only one dish for us, celiac and intolerant, but also for the children who remember this recipe so much the Mcnuggets.

Also look at the egg-free, non-fried chicken slices

Add one apple wedge with frying oil so as not to spread odors!

I noticed that if you let the freshly breaded chicken rest for about ten minutes, the breading becomes "hardened", you won't lose it lying around in the oil pan and your chicken will be more crunchy.

Check out the baked McNuggets too

This is a dinner-saving recipe, because I always insert white meat for the whole family at least once a week. I always have chicken breast even in the freezer and all the other ingredients are few and more or less present in the house.

Grilled Zucchini Fast and NEVER Love that Even Children Like! | #Family DAY 16 – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Grilled Zucchini Fast and NEVER Love that Even Children Like! | #Family DAY 16

Family 💚 hello! Today I'll show you the grilled zucchini that I do lately, faster and that do not become bitter. With a simple mandolin, you will be able to achieve a nice result for a super side dish that even children like.

If you slice the courgettes a little thick (about 4mm) they will remain less bitter and you will prepare them faster, my mandolin is this!

Children like these zucchini simple (Marco tells me he wants to taste the oil!), But if you want you can enrich them with a thousand herbs, parsley, chives, a little bit of fresh marjoram or of thyme, garlic (in wedges or minced), onion, spring onion or shallot or even a fillet of anchovies. Also try them with a splash of soy sauce or vinegar… The variations are truly endless!

In addition to a simple and delicious side dish, this recipe can also be the basis for other dishes if you have leftover or you make them in quantity, such as a gravy for the pasta, for the risotto, rolls or flans streamers of vegetables or salads.

If you want to use them as a sauce for pasta or rice, you can accompany them with tuna or speck, or simple robiola, ricotta or stracchino.

You can freeze the grilled zucchini by letting them cool well, put them away to layers in containers without seasoning and freezing them.

I recommend that you divide them into portions that you will presumably need, or divide the layers with film for food or greaseproof paper so that you only defrost the ones you need.

When it is time to consume them, you can season them as you like best.

Chard Chips, Fast, Crunchy, Tasty! #Family DAY 15 – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Chard Chips, Fast, Crunchy, Tasty! #Family DAY 15

# Family💚 hello! Today I share the chard chips, quick, crunchy and appetizing for a "healthy" and greedy aperitif, also good for those who do not like blanched or sauteed green leafy vegetables. In a few minutes you bake and serve super crunchy chard chips!

It is not a novelty to render crunchy baked vegetables, (if we think of the very famous black cabbage chips!), finding myself having to consume chard taken directly from the garden, I wanted to replicate the technique with my microwave in the ventilated function.

This is a recipe also suitable for cooking with an air fryer, you can try to keep the same temperature, surely it will take less time, check, taste and take out!

Next time, I want to put gods instead of salt Sesame seeds, or I want to try my hand at preparing the gomasio, let me know if you know him and if you are interested in the preparation in the comments, below and on our social networks!

Having to use only the leaves, the waste is enough! You can use the whole white part of the chard ribs in different ways:

  • for soups, alone, with legumes or cereals allowed (quinoa, millet, corn couscous, rice of all kinds);
  • also roasted in the oven after blanching them;
  • on a bruschetta after having blanched them and sautéed in a pan;
  • once blanched (even in the microwave) you can freeze them comfortably.

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