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Viennese donuts with cherry jam – Gordon Ramsay’s version



If you want to prepare an irresistible dessert that will leave everyone speechless, then try these delicious ones Viennese donuts rfilled with cherry jam. A soft leavened dessert with a red heart of cherry jam!

Viennese donuts, also known as Krapfen or Berliner, can be filled with jam or custard or hazelnut cream. In short, you can choose your favorite filling.

In a few simple steps, you can delight everyone’s palate with these soft and delicious sweets with a creamy heart. And the great thing is that you don’t need to be an expert pastry chef to make them successfully! Follow our steps and you too will be able to prepare truly irresistible delicious desserts.

The Viennese donuts should be fried in abundant seed oil. If you prefer a lighter version that requires cooking in the oven, try the recipe for baked Krapfen.

Simple and absolutely delicious! What are you waiting for? Grab the ingredients and get to work. Enjoy your meal!

If you do not have a pastry syringe available, there are however several ways to fill the donuts with jam without the use of specialized equipment. Here are some alternative methods:

  1. Using a homemade piping bag: You can make a homemade piping bag using a clean food bag. Fill the bag with cherry jam, pushing the jam towards one corner of the bag. Cut a small part of the corner of the bag and use this hole to squeeze the jam into the donuts.
  2. Using a disposable piping bag: If you have disposable pastry pockets available, you can fill them with cherry jam and cut a small corner to allow the filling to come out. This method is similar to using a homemade piping bag, but the disposable pastry bags are already pre-shaped and may be more convenient to use.
  3. Using a small spatula or teaspoon: If you don’t have access to piping bags or pastry bags, you can use a small spatula or teaspoon to spoon the jam into the donuts. Simply open the donut slightly, insert the tool and add the jam by gently pushing it inside.

Pasta with ciauri, the ancient Sicilian recipe that is prepared in 5 minutes with a delicious red mullet ragout – Gordon Ramsay’s version

Red mullet ragout

Red mullet ragout

Red mullet ragout with wild fennel and lemon zest it is a typical dish of Sicily, which in the local dialect is enclosed in a single name: hello. This dish contains the food history of the island, which is made up of both agriculture and fishing and manages to combine these two flavors in an impeccable way. Because all Sicilian recipes have a different, tastier, more enveloping flavor irresistible. In this case we are talking about a flow rate opulentthe kind you have to prepare when you have friends or relatives at home and you want to stuff yourself thoroughly together.

Red mullet ragout with wild fennel and lemon zest

Ingredients x 4

  • red mullet fillets 22
  • onion 1
  • garlic 2 cloves
  • tomato paste 50 g
  • Passolina 25 g
  • pine nuts
  • wild fennel 2 bunches
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • cardamom
  • flour 2 tbsp
  • fresh parsley
  • white wine 1 glass
  • breadcrumbs 4 tbsp
  • lemon 1
  • busiate 250 g


The first thing to do to prepare red mullet ragout with wild fennel and lemon zest is to heat the extra virgin olive oil in a pan and fry the onion, garlic and cardamom. When the odors have released their flavor, combine 10 mullets and brown them well before blend them with white wine. Once the alcoholic part has evaporated, add the Passolina, the pine nuts and the tomato paste together with a little water. Cook over low heat for 10 minutes. Blanch the fennel in boiling salted water, drain and chop with a knife.

In a pan toast the breadcrumbs seasoned with salt and pepper along with a drop of extra virgin olive oil. Add the fennel to the sauce, season with salt and pepper and cook for another 5 minutes before turning off the heat. Flour the other 12 red mullet fillets and fry them in oil for to fry boiling. Drain the pasta al dente and transfer it to the pan with the sauce. Mix well then plate and complete with chopped fresh parsley, toasted breadcrumbs, fried red mullet fillets and grated or chopped lemon peel. Yours Red mullet ragout with wild fennel and lemon zest it’s ready. Enjoy your meal.

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