Lasagna roses, you’ll make a great impression! – Gordon Ramsay’s version


The lasagna roses I am a creative and charming interpretation of the classic Italian dish, lasagna. This aesthetic variation not only adds a visually appealing touch to the presentation, but also offers a delicious way to enjoy a traditional dish in one elegant and inviting shape.

The preparation of the lasagna roses begins with the classic lasagna pasta, which is cut into wide strips and cooked al dente. The stripes then come stuffed with a tasty filling of béchamel, ragù and grated parmesan.

Once stuffed, the pasta strips are roll up carefully to create small “rose“. These are placed on a baking tray, where they can be placed on a bed of tomato sauce or bechamel and then baked au gratin. During cooking, the lasagna roses become compact, mixing the flavors of the filling with the pasta.

The beauty of this presentation lies inI wait visually captivating of roses as they emerge from the oven. The thin layers of dough are wrapped around the filling with a crispy browning on the surface.

Not only lasagna roses satisfy the palate with their rich and satisfying flavor, but they also represent a versatile option to adapt to different tastes And dietary needs.

They can decline into vegetarian versionswith a filling of vegetables, cheeses and bechamel, or in more traditional versions with meat, fish or ham.

They are ideal for Special occasions as elegant dinners, festive lunches or to surprise guests with an artistic and inviting dish.

Let’s see the recipe together!


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