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Daiquiri Recipe - Cuor di Cucina

Dear friends of Gordon Ramsay Recipe today I want to talk to you about Daiquiri, drink appreciated all over the world for its simplicity.

It is said that this cocktail was born following some events that took place on the island of CubaThe main character was Jennings Cox, an American engineer who worked in a mine in Daiquiri Bay.

One night after work, Cox invited an Italian colleague of his home for a drink. The only thing it could offer him was the rum. Combining it with sugar is lime juice, Cox created a drink that both of them liked, so much so that he wanted to give it a name. The two eventually called the drink Daiquiri, in reference to the place where they were.

Another story tells that the inventor of the drink was a naval officer who landed in the port of Havana. The sailor, trimmed, went into a bar where he was offered smooth rum. At the request of the same officer, smooth rum was added some lime juice and sugar.

Even the famous writer "Hemingway" contributed to the success of the drink: during his stay in Cuba, he became a regular at the "El Floridita" bar, where he loved to sip his Daiquiri.

The famous phrase "Mi mojito alla Bodeguida, mi Daquiri alla Floridita" has been attributed to the writer.

It is recommended to serve the drink in an iced cup.
As an alternative to liquid sugar, you can opt for granulated sugar (2 tea spoons) to be dissolved in the shaker with lime juice.

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Francesco Zimmatore

I am a young bartender increasingly driven by the desire to grow in this sector in all respects: from mixing, at the counter, to the relationship with the customer. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work in different clubs, which have helped me grow in this sector. Today I have the pleasure of sharing all this with you, CHEERS 🥃

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